Why Is Sixt Car Rental So Cheap? Reasons for the Affordable Rates

If you have been wondering why is Sixt car rental so cheap, well… you aren’t alone. In case you don’t know it, this is a car rental service that has been operating since 2011. When compared to other popular names, Sixt may be relatively new. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t provide quality service.

It seems that they have managed to do quite well with their service, considering that they have existed (and survived) for a decade. So, what can you expect from Sixt? What about the quality service?

Sixt History in the Making

One of the main reasons why is Sixt car rental so cheap is probably because of their relatively new existence. The company has ‘just’ entered the US market in 2011, which means that they have been only a decade in the country. When compared to other car rental companies, Sixt is new because the others have been more than 2 to 3 decades of existence.

Even with the new existence, the company has experienced quite a remarkable growth rate. Up until now, it has more than 60 different offices all over the US. The company itself has offered premium, new, and reliable fleet of vehicle, consisting of American and German cars. Most vehicles are around 3 months old, so they are pretty new and reliable.

When compared to the other companies, Sixt has offered a lot of benefits. Their fleets are new and reliable. With the latest models, Sixt certainly has the upper handy over other companies. But instead of jacking up their price range, they offer an affordable rate. Feel free to explore their website and have a look around. When you find the quotes, it’s a good idea to contact the customer representative.

Long Term Rentals

Sixt is one of the car rental companies that would offer even lower price range when you rent their car in longer rate. The company is known to offer favorable rates, especially on weekly basis, when you rent it for a longer term. Longer term may be one of the reasons why is Sixt car rental so cheap.

In fact, if you book the car for at least 28 days of rent, you can save up a significantly a lot of money. It’s even possible that you only need to pay $122 a week for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Quite a bargain, eh?

Circle Reward Program

Another reason why is Sixt car rental so cheap is because of the company’s reward program. Known as Sixt Advantage Circle, you can get different reward cards levels if you have been a loyal customer. If you sign up for the membership club, you can collect points every time you book a rent with them. But Sixt is also working with other partners, like hotels and airlines. You can also get points when dealing with them. Besides the rental benefits, you can enjoy the reward offers.

Simply register and you will immediately get an Express card. This is a ‘powerful’ card that allows you to skip the regular formalities and arrangements at the counter. Besides skipping the regular counter formalities, you can also get low rates without compromising the rates. You need to manage 3 rentals, and then you will get a (Sixt) Gold card. When you manage 10 rentals, you will get a Platinum card. Afterwards, you only need to be invited if you want to reach Diamond status.

The higher your status is, the more benefits you can enjoy from the car rental service. Getting rewards and offers are only some of the benefits. Once you become a Diamond member, you can enjoy free upgrades, generous discounts reaching 20%, and also free extra drivers. You can also do a status match that will go to the loyalty membership level.

Hotels, airlines, and the rental companies will match your level with your Sixt status. If you are thinking about upgrading your membership status, you can reach out to Sixt. They will guide you through the process of matching the documentation and everything. Even after the first rental, you should have no problem to reach the Platinum level.

Things to Consider about Sixt

Now that you already know some of the possible reasons why is Sixt car rental so cheap, you can also learn about the strength and the possible flaws of the service. It’s quite logical, after all, considering that nothing can be 100% perfect.

Some of the best strength of Sixt is the affordable rates, if not cheap. If you have to compare the daily rates with the weekly rates, the latter will give you opportunity to spend even less. The low price isn’t affected by the condition of the cars. Their fleet is commonly packed with new and premium options, so there won’t be any lousy old cars that may have some defects or internal damaged.

why is Sixt car rental so cheap

However, again, nothing is perfect 100%. The things that are less favorable about the company is the not-so-many office available. When we are talking about office coverage, especially for US market, their numbers are less plentiful that other companies. Even in a foreign land, their office may not be as many as other companies. For instance, when you are traveling to New Mexico, you may find two or even three offices of other companies (like Budget or Avis). But for Sixt, you may only find one.

Moreover, you can’t really trust the price quote on the net. Whether you are accessing the official website or you are using a third-party provider, don’t trust the price range being displayed there. It’s always a good idea to contact customer representative and confirm the exact price, either for daily or weekly rent. Often times, the quote on the net hasn’t included fee and tax.

Final Words

In the overall end, Sixt is a good car rental service. Despite its young age in the industry, the company has been proven to be reliable and trusted. Sixt car rental prices are one of the things to like about the company, so if you want to rent an affordable vehicle that is premium and reliable, you know where to turn. And since you know why is Sixt car rental so cheap, you won’t have to worry that it may affect quality service or performance.