Why Is Fox Rent a Car So Cheap: Finding out the (Possible) Answers

If you have been wondering why is Fox rent a car so cheap, well…you aren’t alone. A lot of people and travelers have the same question in mind. The deal with renting a car is mostly about the rates. Whereas renting a car does have its own perks, let’s not forget that each rental company is different from one another. Some companies are known for their (rather) high rates and extensive collections of vehicle, while others are known for their inexpensive offers.

If you have been familiar with the ‘car rental situation’, you’d know that Fox has been known for its inexpensive rates. In fact, according to many car rental company reviews, it’s one of the car rental companies that offer cheap services while keeping the features standards.

It means that you can expect features, just like the ones you get from other companies, without having to dig deeper into your pockets. Fox services are often viewed as one of the most favorable types, especially for travelers who want to spend more than just a few days in their destinations.

The Main Speculation

No one can really answer the question ‘Why is Fox rent a car so cheap’. People have been speculating about the possible scenarios related to Fox’s rate matters. The first speculation is that the company tries to differentiate itself from the other competitors.

They know that other companies have set a pretty high price standard. Since Fox wants to be different from them, they try to tweak the price factors. Many internal sources claim that they don’t want to compromise the services or features, so it’s the price that they can tweak around.

Sure, there is a concern that they may have to deal with profit loss, but the company believes that when more people turn to them for services, then they can get profits from it. So, basically, Fox isn’t worried that they will lose customers because they understand that people always love cheap rates and low-price offers.

Price vs Demands (and Supplies)

Aside from the speculation about trying to make themselves stand out amongst the harsh competition, there are also other possible options concerning their service. Let’s not forget about the basic facts in economics. Prices will go up when demands are high, but supplies are low. On the contrary, prices will go down when demands are low, while supplies are high.

Fox rent a car so cheap

This is another speculation that people have been talking about. According to them, demands for Fox’s service are basically lower when compared to demands for other car rental companies. Rumor has it that Fox’ service isn’t as good as other car rentals. It’s true that they can offer lower rates, but many reviews state the company offers crappy service and many of the staff is being disrespectful.

But again, we can’t really take a grain of salt over this matter because you can’t really understand the quality service until you have to experience everything by yourself. However, you can always read the car rental reviews to find out about their true performance. And if you are feeling courageous enough, you can always have a try of their service.

Insurance Factor

Another reason for the question ‘why is Fox rent a car so cheap’ is the insurance. Other car rental companies mostly include insurance costs into their overall rates. Fox, on the other hand, not so much.

They may require you to include insurance, but they also offer the possibility of discussion, especially if you already have the insurance. In short, rumor has it that the company isn’t as strict as other companies when it comes to insurance. But then again, you will have to get the service from them to really understand the reality.


It basically doesn’t matter about the reasons why Fox charge low for their service. But if you do have low budgets and you want to try Fox, you shouldn’t have your hopes high. It’s safer to lower your expectations and just deal with it. The answer to the question why is Fox rent a car so cheap doesn’t really matter, really.