Why Are There No Rental Cars Available? The Scarcity Issue with Current Industry

People in the past years have been wondering why are there no rental cars available. Aside from the difficulty to get the cars you want, you may likely have to deal with the high price range when you do get the car that you want.

Don’t be too surprised or alarmed with this seemingly rental car shortage. This is a problem that commonly happens in American in the past several years. What’s really happening? What can you do to address the issue?

The Pandemic Effects

So, what happens? Why rental cars are not available? The pandemic seems to bring a long-term effect to everything, including the car rental industry. During the pandemic, rental car businesses were forced to stay afloat. In most cases, they had to sell some of their fleets to cover up expenses and loss. In some companies, they had to let go 50% of their fleet.

After the pandemic, these businesses have tried to get back on their feet. They run and operate business again. But they can’t really catch up with the fleet because of the car shortage. Keep in mind that all sectors of businesses were affected by the pandemic, including the car manufacturing sector.

Car production was slow, creating a somewhat a scarcity in the car supply. When the rental business companies are trying to increase the number of fleet again, they can’t really do that because there is no supply for their demands.

When the car manufacturing industry tries to increase production again, they are faced with the scarcity of a chip part. It’s hard to find. It’s basically an evil cycle where each problem is related to one another. In the end, the car rental industry have limited fleet and it leads to the question ‘Why are there no rental cars available?’

The Long Term Effects

So, what happens when there is rental car scarcity? Why are there no rental cars available? One thing for sure, the price is skyrocketing. People still prefer to have a road trip despite the increasing price of the fuel. When compared to the cost of traveling by air, traveling by the road is still affordable and doable. Rather than having to buy the plane ticket, people prefer renting a car.

The problem is, the supply is limited, while demand is high. As you can guess, the price drives up quite high. Renting a car for 3 days used to take less than $200. Now, a 3 days rent could cost you around $267. What about renting an SUV during a weekend? You may have to spend between $400 and $500. When you rent an auto family friend ride for a week, you may have to spend close to $900. Such a crazy price hike, right?

The price hike isn’t the only existing problem we have today. In some locations, they literally don’t have any remaining car to rent out. Car rental companies used to be scattered here and there, but their numbers are decreasing now. Some people even call it the car rental apocalypse where there is a possibility that people won’t be able to rent cars anymore.

How to Deal with the Issue

Now that you already know what happens to why are there no rental cars available, you will have to be carefully prepared. If you are adamant about renting a vehicle, there are still some things to do.

You still need to make early booking if you want to rent. However, you may have do it within several months prior. In the old days, you might do the booking a month or two months before the day. But now, you may have to do it 6 months prior the actual date. That’s why you need to make sure to manage your schedule so you can get the car you want.

You still need to do re-confirmation and re-check a day or two before the actual date. Call them and check whether your order has been set and prepared. It never hurts to be extra careful than being sorry.

Another option is to make use of your membership card. You should know that there are several extra benefits of becoming a rental agency’s member, especially if you travel a lot. A membership card ensures you that you won’t have to wait in line like other people. Moreover, the company will likely prioritize you over other orders.

It doesn’t mean that you will ALWAYS get the car. However, becoming a member will make your chances bigger. In most cases, you can get the car you want, especially with early booking and a certain status within your membership.

Consider Other Options

You understand the answer to why are there no rental cars available. Face it; the scarcity issue is real. The best thing to do is to cope with the situation and try to find other solutions. Another option is to use ride-hailing service, such as Lyft or Uber. Naturally, this option is applicable to those traveling short distance, but they are possibly providing long distance service. Of course, it’s going to cost you more than the regular spending.

 why are there no rental cars available

Another plausible option is to turn to public transportation. This is the most affordable option available, which would be great if you are low on the budget. But then again, such a service may have its own downsides. Don’t expect too much on the schedule. Not to mention that some people mention that the ride isn’t really comfortable. Take the public transportation only when you aren’t on a rush. If you can enjoy the ride, you should be fine.

Final Take

The car rental industry in the US is facing an issue. After the struggle with the pandemic, their problem isn’t done. Now, they are facing car supply issue where the cars aren’t always available. The causes included the low production during pandemic and the rare chip for new car production.

Customers are left with several options. They need to be smart to deal with it. There are some alternative to try, including using the public transportation and service like Lyft. You shouldn’t be confused anymore when people are wondering why are there no rental cars available.