Where to Find Cheapest Car Rental New Zealand?

For decades, New Zealand has become tourism spot and so many travelers using cheapest car rental New Zealand to explore this beautiful land. This place itself is located in Southern Hemisphere and it is a famous destination for snowboarding and skiing activities.

If you have a plan to travel to New Zealand as well then you should know where to rent the affordable vehicles. And we are going to make sure you get one by providing some useful information regarding that below.

Where to find cheapest car rental New Zealand?

Where to find cheapest car rental New Zealand
Where to find cheapest car rental New Zealand

One of the most famous cities in New Zealand as tourist destination is Auckland and it also a popular place where you can find cheapest car rental in New Zealand.

The price to book a small vehicle is just around $11 per day. And it is even cheaper to rent a car in Auckland than other cities such as Taupo since it can cost around $46 per day.

Other cities that you can keep in mind to find cheap car rental such as Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. They offer average rental cost around $13 to $19 per day.

Judging from the average cost to rent a car from different cities, you should expect to pay around $11 if you travel to Auckland.

Furthermore, most visitors who travel around New Zealand like to pick up and drop off their car right in the airport since it is easier to drive start from the international airports. For your information, there are more than 10 airports in NZ and out of them, only 5 airports offer international flights. And it is not a coincidence that Auckland has the busiest airport among them all.

In addition, visitors can also pick up and drop off their rental car in other spots such as hotel, city centers and even ferry terminals. Please always ask the rental agencies whether they can offer such services.

Some agencies or rental companies also like to offer one-way rental service where the visitors or travelers can pick up their car right after landing in airport and then they can explore around cities without the needs to drop off the car back in its original entry or point. It is the most popular way to rent a car especially if you are planning to explore different cities between Christchurch and Queenstown or Wellington and Auckland.

How to rent a car in New Zealand?

How to rent a car in New Zealand
How to rent a car in New Zealand

There are so many car rental agencies that you can visit to find cheap rental such as Camper Rental and Mode Car. These two companies have been selected by so many visitors when they are looking for affordable car rental with good services.

Other rental agencies that can be considered are Lucky Rentals and Thrifty. You can find cheapest car in Lucky Rentals as low as $11 per day which is less than average rental cost nationality in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Thrifty has rental centres in 55 different locations across NZ and thus it is easy to rent a car from them if you are planning to visit different cities at time.

The visitors are mostly option for SUV or compact car to travel around cities or explore many places during the trip. To rent a car itself you should at least fulfil some of these requirements such as:

  1. If you are a foreign visitor who want to rent a car then luckily that NZ accept foreign driver license from around the world as long as the license is written in Latin and if you planning to stay in NZ less than a year. However, if you want to become a permanent resident then of course you have to get local license to find cheapest car rental New Zealand price.
  2. In other words, if you only bring driver license that written in another alphabet like Arabic, Chinese, etc. then you have to get IDP or an International Driving Permit.
  3. You need to bring physical driver license not just a scan copied license. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have had the license for at least 2 years. The license should have a picture of your face and if it doesn’t then you might need to get an IDP.
  4. Some rental agencies or companies have their own terms and conditions when offer rental car. Most of them will take additional cost for younger driver around 22-25 years old and a senior driver who already over the age of 65 years old. So, the price for the car you want to rent might get higher.

Other requirements might be different compared with what we listed above. That’s why always make sure you ask the rental conditions before you pay for one.

Some tips to save money when you want to rent a car:

  • It is better to travel during low seasons so the cost to rent a car won’t be that high. For example, you can avoid visiting New Zealand during spring and summer seasons since many visitors like to travel on those occasions for not so cold weather.
  • Compares the rates of different car rental agencies or companies before you book one. And it is always better to book in advance. Please check your plans when you want to travel with rented car, you need to know how many miles you need to travel and whether you want to drive it for a day only or more than a week. Know your mileages and fuel as well.
  • Ask for some recommendations from friends or families who understand where to look for cheapest car rental New Zealand.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for discount or whether the car rental agencies can offer some promo like cash back, especially if you are planning to rent a car for more than a week.

When rent a car, the cost of one vehicle might be different from one another depending on the type of the car you want to take. Most people option for SUV and compact cars or full size and economic cars especially those who want to get away from the main road and go to mountains or other higher places. So, please make sure you cross check the cost of each different type of car in order to find the cheapest car rental New Zealand.