TURO Rent a Car Reviews

TURO is a marketplace that you can use to rent a car. This platform is different from the other car rental website since here you will be renting directly from the car owner instead of an agent. That is why you might need to see TURO rent a car reviews first before using it.

About TURO Rent a Car Reviews

TURO operate in over 7500 cities located around UK, Canada and the US. They also have more than 1300 car model and makes which you can rent from. Since you can rent the car directly from the owner through this platform we often hear a lot of good things about this service. But is it true? Let’s check it further through this review.

Finding the suitable car on TURO

TURO offers various car model and makes from economic brand to higher end brand such as Rolls Royce, Tesla and even Ferrari. That way you can easily find the exact car model and makes that you able to drive and more suitable for you.

If you plan to rent the car for special occasion they even have a specific wedding getaway section on their website. Here you can find car model that will surely make people awed on your entrance during the wedding.

Pick-Up and Drop-off Locations

When you use other car rent service or even renting a car at the airport, most of the time you will need to wait in line before you can pick up the car. But since in TURO you will be renting the car directly from the owner then you do not need to wait anymore.

All you need to do is to text them and they will meet you in pick-up location that you agreed with. Most of the time it would be on the outside of their apartment. Then they will hand you the keys and you are free to go right away. The drop-off process also similar. All you need to do is to text the car owner and meet in agreed location. You just need to hand the keys back to them and go to your next destination.

What to Do If You Find Any Issue?

TURO Rent a Car Reviews What to Do If You Find Any Issue

Of course you only want to use the best car so you would not run into trouble. So, you need to pay attention to the user reviews that you can see on TURO website. If the car has high good review then you can be sure that the car will not have any trouble. From TURO rent a car reviews you can see any issue that the car have with their air conditioning, Bluetooth, windshield wipers and so on.

If you happen to find any issue on the car when you pick it up then you need to communicate everything to the car owner immediately. You should also contact the customer service about the issue. Besides car issue this platform also provide roadside assistance in case of any incident. That is why you need to get the protection plan when you use TURO.

TURO Rent a Car Reviews – What to Do For Schedule Change?

In the review you will also see how the car owner respond with the user’s request if they are being flexible with any schedule chances. What you need to do if you want to chance your car rent duration is to request some chances using the TURO Application or from the website. Then the car owner can review the request and respond to it. They will usually accept the request if the car is available but if the car already have other schedule then they can deny your request.

Should You Get the Insurance Coverage?

Most of the time, car rents will rely on the credit card’s cover when there is accident on their rental car. However, even though this is possible on other car renting agency but most of the time, this will not work when you rent the car from TURO.

So, it is better to get the insurance coverage from TURO instead. You can see a lot of resources on the website so you can understand the plan coverage and personal liability. You can choose one among 3 tiers that they offer. Furthermore their protection plant also cover for damage on third party property which usually not available on credit card coverage.

TURO Rent a Car Reviews Pricing

TURO Rent a Car Reviews Pricing

One of the reason why this platform is popular because of their competitive pricing. You can find the cars in varied prices which can sometimes be cheaper compared to the car rent agency pricing.

The reason is because the pricing is set by the owner of the car. So they can set lower price during the weekday where the owner do not need the car or give you some discount if you book it for longer time or book it in advance.

However you need to be careful since TURO also have some extra fees on top of their pricing. Here are some of the fees that you need to pay attention:

  • Trip fee

This fee will be added at checkout and will go to the platform instead of the owner of the car. The fee itself is varied but it can go around 25% up to 100% from overal pricing.

  • Younger driver fee

If the driver is younger than 24 then you will need to pay for extra fee. For those who are under 21 then you will need to pay $50 fee each day. But in the US you will need to pay $30 fee each day if you are under 25.

  • Reimbursement

This fee is send by the car owner to reimburse fuel, tickets, tolls, etc.

  • Cleaning fee

If the car is returned in condition that does not match with TURO’s policy then the car owner can ask cleaning fee.

  • Miscellaneous fee

The car owner can also request miscellaneous fee for pickup, mileage cap, etc.

As you can see from TURO rent a car reviews there are a few things that you need to pay attention when you renting from this platform.