Turo Eligibility Requirements: What You Should Know about It

Car owners who are interested in joining Turo must learn about the so-called Turo eligibility requirements. If you don’t know what a Turo is, you should familiarize yourself with the concept of Airbnb – but it’s for cars. So, yes, Turo acts as a peer to peer car sharing platform allowing (car) owners to rent out to other people. Thus, the Airbnb for vehicle.

Reasons for Turo Service

Before we talk about Turo eligibility requirements, we should talk about why such a service exists. The rental car rates are usually high. Not to mention that the availability of the rental car is often limited. This is why alternative services, such as Turo, can provide a great option. It’s a good thing that many people have started to see the positive aspect of the peer to peer mechanism. It’s no wonder that more and more people are in love with this service.

Listing a Car

If you want to enable peer to peer sharing on Turo, you should understand about Turo requirements to list a car. Listing a car means that you allow your vehicle to be seen and viewed available by other users. But there are some requirements that you need to follow, such as:

  • The owners should provider details about the car, including its make, model, year, and photos. The photos should show the vehicle’s condition, features, and any special instructions or limitations.
  • Then, they should set the price, availability, and additional options such as delivery or extras like car seats.

Once you have listed the car on the platform, then the next stage can follow through.

The Booking Process

Any interested renter should browse through available cars on Turo’s platform. They should use the available filters to make the search easier. Provide the information about the location, dates, vehicle type, and price range.

Once they find a suitable car, they request a booking by selecting the desired rental dates and providing necessary details. The owner then has the option to accept or decline the booking request.

The Long List of Requirements

The service itself may seem promising and advantageous on both sides. The renters can get the vehicle they want and the car owner can get payment for the exchange of other people ‘borrowing’ their vehicle.

Turo Eligibility Requirements webp

But when we talk about Turo eligibility requirements, the lists are pretty long. Each party, both the renters and the owners, must meet the certain requirements to be considered eligible for the service. Plus, there are also requirements about the pickup, the drop off, and other things.

Turo does offer its own perks when compared to the common and regular car rental service. But it doesn’t mean that it would be simpler or easier. You can’t take it for granted if you want to be seen (and reviewed) as professional owner and renter.

How to Be Viewed Eligible?

  • You need to follow the regulations. For instance, there are rules about age limit and driver license. Don’t try to fool the system. You need to be 21 years old, minimum, to list a car. If you are under it, don’t try to make any listing attempt.
  • You also need to follow the regulations concerning the car. In some areas, there are certain age of a car, like not more than 12 years old from the current date. you also need to check the condition. Don’t list a car that has poor condition or isn’t able to perform well.
  • Be responsive. You will have to pass the identity verification. Don’t skip this step or you won’t be able to list a car or rent one. Always open to communication and respond to everyone question or request.

Final Words

Turo can be a life safer for some people, but it can also be a nightmare – depending on your perspective, really. As long as you follow the guideline to Turo eligibility requirements completely, you should be good to go.