Truck Rental Salem Oregon and Which Dealers To Go to

Once in a while, people may need to know which truck rental Salem Oregon that they can go to. Not everyone is familiar with truck rental service, but it’s needed by a lot of people.

There are also many different reasons why people need to consult reliable truck rental service. Besides being used for business, trucks are used for moving, hauling, DIY-ing, sporting, or relocating.

You’d be surprised to find out that the trucks can be super handy for carrying the furniture and stuff, for carrying dirt, mulch, or even construction equipment, and for carry home improvement materials and stuff. Regular cars won’t do it.

Moreover, trucks can also be useful when you need to relocate your business or you want to tag along your sports equipment.

However, where should you turn to reliable truck rental Salem OR when you are in need of a good service?

Enterprise Truck Rental

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible truck rental Salem Oregon, Enterprise is one of the best options. True that the company also excels in car rental service, but it seems that they have expanded their service to the truck rental service as well – and they definitely do a marvelous job. Even with heavy fleet and large vehicle, they make sure that they deliver satisfying result that won’t disappoint anyone.

Their fleets are various in range and size, starting from a passenger van to a huge truck. The rates may be higher than other competitors in this field, but it’s worth the spending. But again, the rates are still understandable and affordable in a sense.

Expect to pay a standard $130 per day, but it’s also possible that you can rent a cargo van for $90 a day or you may even have to spend $230 for a huge big truck. The only downside is that their availability can be limited, especially when it comes to the fleet options.

Let’s say that you want to rent a huge truck. It’s not always a guarantee that you will get one. Availability depends on each office, so you need to do your research to make sure that they have the fleet you want.

U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer

Another popular truck rental Salem Oregon is the U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer. The company has been known as this reliable truck rental company that deals with heavy stuff and also complicated processing of everything. Renting a car is one thing, but renting a truck is another.

It’s more complicated and it takes a lot of efforts for supervision and monitoring. Since the company understands very well that not everyone is keen with their moving or renting or relocating needs, they make sure that they can provide a solid service without causing a hole in your pocket.

If you read the company reviews, you will see that they have just the right (and the perfect) fleet. They are able to meet all kinds of moving or relocating requirements, thanks to their various fleet options. Not to mention that they also make sure that they have enough supply so they can keep their prices low and affordable.

Whatever your truck rental requirements are, rest assured that U-Haul Neighborhood is able to deliver the best only. Plus, there are plentiful of options and offices in Salem, Oregon, so you have tons of good options.

Budget Truck Rental

You are probably familiar with Budget rent a car, but it turns out that not everyone is familiar with Budget truck rental service. If you are looking for a solid service for trucks or hauling heavy (and big) items, then you should reach out to the company and manage a rent.

You can easily find Budget as one of the truck rental Salem Oregon, offering their expertise and skills in helping you out. Just like their car rental service, their truck rental service is also affordable with impeccable performance. If you have to deal with heavy equipment moving or relocating, you are in a good hand.

Unlike Enterprise that only offers short distance and local move, Budget is able to accommodate long distance moving. Their rates remain affordable, even lower than Enterprise. However, they don’t offer unlimited mileage (unless for the long distance type) and they have quite a lot of extra costs for this and that.

Make sure you know what you get and what coverage you can enjoy before you reserve one of their fleet. In an overall sense, Budget can offer good service that won’t cost you a fortune, but make sure you really understand what you are getting.

Penske Truck Rental

This is another name in truck rental Salem Oregon that you can depend on when you have to move big stuff. A lot of people say pretty positive things about the company, especially the staff and the various options of fleet. Because the company is specializing in trucks and vans, they are able to cater to your needs. Whether you need a smaller to medium cargo vans or a big and huge truck, they have the vehicle ready for you.

Truck Rental Salem Oregon

The various ranges of fleet are topped off with pretty nice rates and affordable price. However, it’s advisable that you talk to the customer service or company representative to really know what kind of service and coverage to get. Sometimes, you can’t really believe the numbers on the screen because they are only the basic numbers, not the total spending.

Cross Town Movers

If you want to entrust your moving or relocating needs to a reliable service in Salem, Cross Town Movers is one of the best option you can take. The staff is friendly, punctual, and professional. They are able to help you deal with your stuff, while making sure that everything is intact.

The fleet is accommodative; just perfect for every need. A lot of people who have used the service state that they are happy and satisfied.


You will never run out of good options of professional truck rental service, but be sure that you have done your research and you know what kinds of perks to gain. You should have no issue renting or hiring these truck rental Salem Oregon as long as you know what to expect.