Thrifty Rent A Car Reservations: How To Manage Everything Properly

Online Thrifty rent a car reservations can really make the process go easier, and you won’t have to spend a long time in the counter to manage everything. Thrifty isn’t the only car rental company that provides online service.

Many car rental companies are offering online features these days because they know their clients will appreciate it. But of course, one company is different from the others. When you reach out to Thrifty for their service, don’t expect them to deliver the same service as the other existing names.

Focus and Performance

As it was mentioned before, there is no two companies that can offer the same exact service. Different car rental companies have different priorities which affect them in their personal care approach. Some of the car rental companies focus more on business, such as Avis, National, and Hertz. In another case, other companies may focus more on leisure activities, such as Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty.

It doesn’t mean that one company is way better than the others, but it’s more about the quality service that covers loyalty program membership and rental frequency. For instance, those who focus more on business may be able to provide corporate contracts, reserved lanes for the checkout, better vehicle types and models, and more.

But again, if you don’t really want to deal with a lot of hassle, you can always manage everything online and let them take care of the rest. When you have Thrifty rent a car reservations through online, the rest is fairly easy. You only need to provide the required documentation and off you go!

About Thrifty

A lot of people are often confused with Thrifty, thinking that they are the same as Hertz. So, when they are talking about Thrifty rent a car reservations, they mostly believe that it’s about Hertz reservation.

In reality, Thrifty is basically Hertz’s subsidiary. They are basically two different companies running under different management and administration. Their focus of business is also different. Hertz is focusing on business, while Thrifty is more about leisure.

Although Thrifty is the subsidiary, it has expanded over the years in quite amazing way. It has more than 1,000 locations within the global scope. Thrifty experienced acquisition in 2012, but since then, it has experienced vast development and improvement. The company has even experienced marvelous growth since the acquisition. They have been able to set up their presence in other continents and regions, such as the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

One of the coolest things about Thrifty is the loyalty program. They name it Blue Chip Rewards, providing tons of extra benefits for their loyal customers. You can add an extra driver without having to pay for anything extra, as long as you can provide a valid driver license. Another perk of Thrifty’s overall performance and quality is the priority counter service, which can be found at many of its non-airport locations and airport spots.

Thrifty Special App

To make the service even easier and simpler, Thrifty provides its own app so you can have enjoyable and easy to operate Thrifty rent a car reservations. Many users even state that they can enjoy a generous discount when they use the app. They are given a direct access to the low rates and generous discounts. Getting the app is easy and you don’t even have to pay anything.

Some of the most beneficial perks of having the app are:

  • You will not have any problem logging into Blue Chip
  • You have better options in vehicle options, types, and models. The app even provides you to easy browsing and convenient access
  • You are able to cancel, modify, and make reservations within all the company’s branches and locations, both in America and Canada.
  • You can use the app to learn about your history, including favorite destinations and the most recent locations
  • You can find the company’s rental locations instantly and easily
  • You are able to store and keep preferences, in case you want to use it again in the future

The Cancel Policy

Thrifty has its own policy when it comes to booking management and also cancel reservation. In fact, they have their own unique Thrifty car rental cancel reservation that you need to address when you want to have smooth arrangement with the company. If you understand the basic standard of Thrifty rent a car reservations, you should be familiar with the cancelation too.

When you want to cancel your already made booking, you need to cancel your booking reservation first and then rebook it again. It’s a good thing that Thrifty provides their own booking widget so you can manage everything easily within your fingertips.

Simply provide your details so you are able to retrieve the booking and then make the overall cancelation. If you use the widget, you simply provide information about your booking number and also your last name. After you submit, then you can make the change right away.

Thrifty Rent A Car Reservations

However, if you are using a third party source or app to make the reservation, the arrangement would be a bit different. So, if you aren’t using the Thrifty’s app, you should know what to arrange everything should be done following the app’s regulation and policies.

So, if you make the reservation through another app, you will have to cancel and then modify it through that app – NOT the Thrifty’s app. You will have to provide the booking number, your last name, and then make the changes on that third-party app. If you are adamant about using the Thrifty’s app, it won’t be possible because your data isn’t recorded there.

Final Words

In the end, knowing how to manage car rental reservation is crucial. If you know how to manage the process from one company to another, it’s even better. It’s always a good idea to learn about each company’s policy and regulation, including the detailed arrangement before you make any reservation. It’s always advisable that you don’t rush things when you want to rent a car. With the proper Thrifty rent a car reservations, you should have no issue getting the car that you want.