Renting Cars Through Lyft Know How and Its Beneficial

Renting cars through Lyft application to drive across US has been used by so many people. What is Lyft Rental Car? It is an online taxi and car rental provider that offers vehicles to those who need to book car and travel with it across US only.

It also offers people or driver to use their own cars to share ride with customers and so they can gain some earnings.

To be able to rent a car or get other desired vehicles like scooter and bike, you can start to book them through Lyft application. Just download it and you are ready to set your journey.

Renting cars through Lyft step by step

Renting cars through Lyft step by step
Renting cars through Lyft step by step

How to rent a car with Lyft is so easy. You just need to set a plan on what kind of car you want to ride and how much your budget. After that follow these steps below:

  1. Search and download Lyft app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Install and sign up to create new account if you haven’t made one before.
  2. Choose where do you want to get picked up and dropped off. You can also specifically tell the driver where your location is. You do not need to call for a taxi on the road side anymore since you can use this app to call a taxi or rent a car online.
  3. The best thing about using this app is that you can easily tracking the driver that will pick you up. You can check on the app and it will show you their picture, name, license plate of the car you book as well as the current driver’s rating. Of course, it is better to avoid driver who have low ratings. You can track their exact location while they are on the way to pick you up and thus you can just wait inside until the driver arrive.
  4. Just travel with the car and when you arrive at your destination, just get out of the car and the app will automatically deduct your credit. Remember to rate the driver/car based on your travel experience, you can also tip the driver if you want.

If you want renting cars through Lyft without driver then basically the steps are just the same. Just choose what car you want to drive, set the date and specify your exact location, review your booking info once more before you click reservation.

The cost to rent a car with Lyft is depend on the type of the car you want to book, but it is usually a bit cheaper than going on direct rental. The average price to rent a car for a week is around $200 and it can go up to $400-500. You may also need to pay extra charge for additional cost such as tools or you want to go for more miles.

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits
What are the benefits

There are many reasons of why using Lyft app services will be more beneficial for you than rent a car directly at car rental companies such as:

  • More convenience:

One thing for sure is when you renting cars through Lyft app, it is more convenience and easier than going direct since you can skip counter-service establishments or filling long paperwork or forms. In addition, you do not need to search for different company websites and pick up the car at rental store.

You just need to fill the driver information on the app and choose a car, waiting the car to arrive and drive it to go to your destination.

  • Lyft rental car program

You can get free 10 percent Lyft credit when you take the car at the pick-up promised place and 10 more credit when you drop it off at the end of your rent. In total you will get 20 percent credit with this Lyft rental car program.

  • No additional cost for add-ons

When you rent a car with Lyft, there us no need to pay extra charge or cost for add-ons unlike most car rental companies or agencies like to set. You do no need to pay for add-ons like baby car or children car seat, USB phone charge, ski racks, etc. plus if you need extra drivers, you do not need to pay additional fees as well which most car rental companies like to do.

  • You get what you see

When going direct to rent a car at certain car rental companies, sometimes there is no guarantee that they can provide vehicles with the exact model that you want. They will also likely just offer something similar to that car.

In Lyft, you get what you see since this app work together with many car providers as well as drivers around the US and thus you will get wide range of cars. The same car you choose with exact car model you want will be available when you pick it up.

  • You can go for miles with no limitation

Some companies might limit the distance you can go and it means they will limit your driving experience as well. Unlike those car rental agencies or companies, using Lyft to rent a car will ensure you can go for miles without limitation. And they also won’t charge you with additional fees for any mileages.

  • No need to fill up the gas

No need to worry about car maintenance since Lyft also provide some program to take care of it. The same goes when you drop off the car by the end of your rental, you do not need to fill up the tank. Lyft just going to charge your credit for the gas and they will fill it up themselves. Moreover, they will not charge higher rate than the market price for the gas.

Where you can rent a car with Lyft?

As an American company, Lyft available only across the United States such as: Florida, California, Arizona, Virginia/District of Colombia, Colorado, Illinois, Hawaii, Chicago, Minnesota, Georgia, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania and Washington.

For more information regarding renting cars through Lyft, you can also visit their official site.