The General Facts About Renting an Automatic Car in Portugal

Are you thinking about renting an automatic car in Portugal? If yes, then you should know some of the basic facts of car rental companies in the country. You should also consider some things before making any reservation. Managing a car rental booking or procedures isn’t complicated or difficult in Portugal, but it helps when you know all the general facts before you decide about renting a vehicle.

Automatic Cars and their Existence

Are you thinking about renting an automatic car in Portugal? Then you need to perform your research thoroughly and completely. You see, the majority of car rental companies provide manual cars, and finding the ones that offer an auto can be tricky. These car rental companies have complete fleets of cars, coming in all sizes and types. But they are mostly manual and they rarely provide automatic type.

If you are adamant about renting an automatic car in Portugal, then you should be ready to pay extra. Some companies may not have any automatic fleet at all. Some may provide several of them.

But because of the limited numbers, be ready to pay higher. According to many people who have rented cars during their stay in Portugal, the price range isn’t ‘just’ slightly higher, but it can actually double up the manual fleet. So, if you are charged with €50 per day for a manual, be ready to spend from €90 to even €100 a day for an automatic ride.

So, brace yourself when you are traveling to Portugal. You have the choice to either prepare higher budgets or you can learn to drive a stick. For those who can drive a stick, it won’t be a huge issue. But if you can’t, then make sure that you have the budgets to rent the automatic type.

Availability and Readiness

As it was mentioned before, managing a car rental reservation in Portugal isn’t a big issue. The biggest problem is about the availability. As it was mentioned before, not all car rental companies are offering or providing automatic vehicle. You will have to ask them before making any booking.

And even if the company does provide the automatic vehicle, it’s not always available. That’s why booking early is highly advisable. The best time frame for the booking is around 6 to 3 months before the day. And it’s always a good idea to confirm it again a day or two before you depart.

Again, the biggest issue about renting an automatic car in Portugal is the price range. An early booking may save you a couple of dollars, but it’s not always the case. Some people say that you can reach out to the local companies that provide automatic options, while others say that you can contact international names that usually have their own collection or fleets.

Where to Go?

If you want to do your research before going to Portugal, you’d know that there are some brands or names known as the best rental car company in Portugal. Some of them are the popular international names, while the others are some of the local companies. Popular names, like Hertz, Sixt, or Enterprise, usually have their own fleet of automatic cars. But then again, you need to check for their availability. You should also check for rates. Don’t be surprised if the rates are higher than the regular ones.

According to many travelers, the easiest way to get the automatic fleet is when you rent from airport locations. Since they usually cater to different kinds of clients, especially the ones from abroad, their fleets are seriously ranging variously. Not only they are able to provide different kinds of sizes or vehicle types, but they can also provide manual as well as automatic options.

renting an automatic car in Portugal

Feel free to explore your options when it comes to managing your rental procedures. You can always try your luck by renting the car from off airport locations, but it shouldn’t be surprising if the number is pretty limited. In most cases, you get ‘what it is’ car. It means, you get the one as it is. It may not fit your wants. It may not have all the features you need. You simply take it or leave it. This is the worst case scenarios when the fleet is limited.

Handy Tips and Tricks

It doesn’t hurt if you come prepared, especially when you are renting an automatic car in Portugal.

  • When you are doing a research, contact the customer representative so you can get the details of your order. Ask them whether the car is automatic or manual. If you don’t say anything about it, it’s likely that you will get a manual. It’s because the majority of the fleet is manual. If you have conveyed your purpose to rent an automatic, ask them the daily rate. And then compare it when you rent the car within weekly manner.
  • Always book early. In fact, you should reserve from your home country. This is a better option rather than renting the vehicle right after you arrive at the airport.
  • Your rentals are likely expressed in euros, so pay them in euros instead of dollars. It’s always a good idea to exchange your money with the currency of your destination.
  • You can only use a credit card when renting a car in Portugal. The majority of car rental companies in Portugal don’t accept debit cards.
  • Always have cash ready. It would be a good idea if you can have credit cards and cash at hand. Some places (like the toll) only accept cash.
  • Most car rental companies in Portugal don’t really need an International Driving License. However, if you are planning to cross the border. If you want to have a one-way trip from Portugal to other countries, for instance, having an International Driving License can help.

Final Words

Don’t underestimate the process of reserving a car rental service because it may affect your comfort and convenient during your travel. You know now about the facts of renting an automatic car in Portugal, so the best thing to do is getting prepared and doing the best.