Renting A Car for Long Distance Travel: Why You Should Do It

You probably think about renting a car for long distance travel with your family instead of using your own vehicle. This is not an uncommon thought because most people think about it too. Many of them have their own personal vehicle, and yet they prefer renting from their trusted car rental agency.

Let’s not forget that car rental agencies are designed for accommodating different needs and requirements. That’s why it’s pretty logical if you reach out to a reputable travel company and rent their fleet.

Reasons to Rent a Car for Long Distance Trip

Many people believe that it’s actually better to rent a car for long distance trip rather than using your own car. There are many good reasons why you should also consider renting a car for long distance travel to accommodate a more comfortable road trip.

1. Avoid Wear and Tear

First of all, you want to avoid excessive wear and tear as much as possible. When you are going on a long distance trip, your car will be on the road for a long time. It’s most likely happening for a prolonged period. When you are using your personal car, such tear and wear won’t only shorten the life cycle, but it may also increase the possibility of damage. Imagine how much natural elements that your car would be exposed to during your trip.

This is why you’d better rent a car because you can minimize such possibility of exposure, damage, and even crash. With the rental car, you won’t have to worry about a thing. In most cases, you may not know about the terrain and the road condition. Imagine if you have to go through different kinds of terrain: smooth, bumpy, smooth again, rough, bumpy again, and smooth again. Aren’t you worried that such a situation will affect your car so much? If you are using the rental vehicle, on the other hand, you won’t need to have such a concern.

After you return the car to the rental company, they will likely perform an inspection and regular maintenance and care. Car rental services have their own policies and procedures about after-usage fleet. The common and regular car owners don’t deal with these kinds of things.

2. Vehicle Option

Another reason for renting a car for long distance travel is the fleet option. You all know that car rental companies have different types of vehicle. You may drive a compact urban ride which may be convenient for you for your daily commute. But when you have to travel a long distance with two toddlers, your spouse, and tons of baggage, that compact urban car won’t be the ideal option.

When you rent a vehicle, you can go with any vehicle type and size that you want. For you, an SUV for your daily transportation may not seem ideal, but for long distance travel, this is the best pick. Thinking about exploring the wild terrain and possibly spending a lot of time outdoor? Wanting to camp under the stars? You may believe that a pickup truck would be the best option for your needs. In short, using the rental car allows you to choose whatever vehicle type that you need so you can travel in comfort.

3. Money Wise

In terms of money, you may have to spend more by renting a car for long distance travel, but in a smarter manner, you can save up money. Let’s say that you choose a vehicle that is more fuel-efficient for your travel. You can save quite a lot of money for this travel.

Not to mention that you won’t have to worry about any extra costs that may arise because of the travel. When you use your own car, you may have to deal with the possibility of repair cost because of the trip. With the rental car, you won’t have to think about it at all.

4. Improved Comfort

Your own car is the simple ride with minimum feature. When you rent a car, you can temporarily upgrade your pick. You can choose the car with modern or sophisticated features, so you can really enjoy the trip. Even when you decide to splurge, you can always choose the luxury vehicle or the premium model with the accompanying specs and features. You can totally have fun with your family. Or if you are traveling with friends, then you will have tons of a blast with the gang!

The Cost for Renting the Car

With the car rental scheme, you may have to spend extra, but it doesn’t mean that you can try limiting it. If you rent the vehicle on a weekly basis, it will save you quite a lot than having to rent it daily. In a weekly rate or a 7-day rental plan, the general costs are:

  • Small sedan or compact models (like Chevrolet Spark) may cost you around $275
  • Small SUV (such as Nissan Rogue) may cost you $430
  • Mid size sedan (like Toyota Corolla) may cost you $285
  • Mid size SUV (such as Ford Escape) may cost you $470
  • Full size sedan (such as Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Fusion) may cost you $316

If you rent the car during busy weekends or high peak season and you go with bigger models, you can spend as good as $1,000 for a week period. That’s why you should avoid renting a car for long distance travel during busy period or make early booking – way earlier than the standard booking time.

Factors Determining Car Rates

It’s only natural if you compare rates from one company to another. But let’s not forget that there are several different factors that determine the overall cost.

Renting A Car for Long Distance Travel

  • Vehicle model and type. Again, economy and compact rides are usually the cheapest
  • Unlimited miles. The option is to pay later or pay extra.
  • Drop off and pickup. Airport locations are generally pricier than the city location.
  • Rental length. Daily rates are higher than the weekly rates.
  • Fees and taxes.
  • Add-ons.
  • Insurances

Final Words

In short, you should be able to negotiate and talk things through with the company’s representative. As you can see from the many benefits, renting a car for long distance travel is more promising than having to use your own car.