Rental Car Companies on Maui List

Many people try to find the best rental car companies on Maui especially when they visit the island. Maui is very popular destination so you can surely find a lot of rental car companies all over the island.

Best Rental Car Companies on Maui

1. Alamo

It is a rental car companies that operate nationally including in the Maui where they have a few pick up locations you can choose. Their customer service is pretty good and their price is lower than other national level company like Enterprise.

Furthermore, they have a loyalty program which suitable for frequent traveler. Especially since with the program you can get various perks for example the accelerate check-in.

This perks will allows you to provide all necessary document beforehand. Then you will be able to pick up the car faster since they can process it beforehand too. But if you are not interested with the program then you might be interested in their self-service kiost where you can do the pick-up process yourself.

2. Discount Hawaii Car Rental

It is not a company but instead a platform which you can make use to find other rental car companies in Hawaii including Maui. If you use their platform that means you will be able to see a list of various cars provided by different rental companies.

That way you can compare their pricing to find one that is more suitable with your budget. Do not worry as you do not need to pay when booking your car or even cancel it. So, you can use this platform to find discount price throughout the duration of your search.

3. Sixt

For those that want to pick up the car right when they land in the island then you need to use Sixt. This company has location just a few minutes from the airport so you can pick up the car and ride them right away.

But their working hour seems to be way later than other car rental companies. This means you need to first make sure that they actually working when you want to pick the car. Furthermore, if you want to talk to their agent when you want to drop off your car then then you need to do it during their working hour as well.

4. Resort rental car

Rental Car Companies on Maui Resort

If you stay in a big resort then you should ask if they have car to rent since some of them actually have this offer. This service is very useful when you only need the car for short term.

But this option is definitely far more expensive compared to renting the car directly from any of the local rental car companies. But of course it is easy to do as you do not need to worry about any of the booking process and can just park the car in the resort once you’re done using it.

5. Enterprise

As a national company Enterprise is very popular rental Car Company that you can find in the island. In fact they have a few locations spread around the Maui Island so you can find pick up location that you like.

Their picking up process also very fast so you can finish it right away. You can try to book the car online to speed up the process. The best thing is their customer service also very helpful. But their price is above the average so you need to pay more when getting car from this company.

6. Kimo Rent A Car

Rental Car Companies on Maui Kimo Rent a car

One of the best rental car companies on Maui that you can find in the island. Their pricing is pretty competitive and you can find both old and new models to choose from.

You can use it to find car that is more suitable for your budget. For example, you can find car that is on older model for cheap. But of course you can still find newer car which equipped with more features for higher price.

You can also pick-up the car by pre-scheduling it. This is useful so you can pick it up after you land to the Maui airport. That way, you can just book the car without worrying if you can pick it up later or not.

  • Thrify

If you looking for company who provide a more low range car then you can use Thrify. For those that often renting a car they also offer reward program which give a lot of deals. But many people said their customer service is not really good compared to the top companies.

You can also find a wildcard special offered by the company which they say will give you some short of free upgrade for when the car is pickup but you only need to pay for compact car. According to people who took this offer the upgrade actually not as high as what they expected. So be aware about this offer.

  • Kihei Rent A Car

This company is different from the other company since it is run and owned by family. Because of this they can offer more affordable price on the cars. You can find this company on the island’s South Shore around Kihei. The area is pretty easy to reach so you can get there in no time. This company is suitable for those who want to find local companies to support.

  • Dollar Car Rental

This company have various car range from middle range to average range and they also come in good price. Do note that you will not find higher range car in this company so it is more suitable for those who want to rent a car within budget.

This company also have friendly staff which work efficiently to process your pick up so you can get your car quickly. One thing to note is because the company is known for their affordable price, then they are also extremely popular. This means the lines also long for when you pick up the car.

Those are a few rental car companies on Maui that you can find all over the island. Try to find the best deal that is more suitable for your budget.