How to Rent Cars for 18 year olds : A Guide for Young Drivers

Thinking about rent cars for 18 year olds can be an exhilarating idea. After all, you are likely to just received your driver’s license and can’t wait to use it. Anyhow, there are several things you need to know about their requirements.

3 Requirements To Rent Cars For 18 Year Olds

Before you step into a car rental office and flash your license, you need to know the requirements to drive your rental card. This basic information will help you to get the right start when attempting to rent a car.

1. Age Requirements

According to being under 25 can put you at a disadvantage when trying to rent a car. Primarily because you don’t have enough driving record for the company to take into account.

That is why the companies follow the state’s minimum age regulation but also incur surcharges for young drivers. In some cases, the surcharge can be double the rental amount.

Several states such as New York, Michigan, and Nebraska have a lower minimum age to rent a car. They allow drivers as young as 18 years old to rent a car there.

2. Driver’s License

A freshly obtained driver’s license hardly means a thing for a rental company. Being 18 years old means they still consider you a young driver. And your license must be valid and have a good record for at least one year. If it’s more recent, you won’t be eligible for the rental.

Do read the contract carefully because some companies may require you to be with an experienced driver even though they take your license. You can apply to be a student driver by submitting your university or college information.

3. Insurance

You shouldn’t forget about the type of insurance you have. Understand what the insurance cover and how it will affect your rental fee. Most of the young drivers are still part of their parent’s insurance policies. However, you should know if your insurance covers a rental car and whether the company also offers one.

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3 Top Car Rental Companies for Young Drivers

When looking for a rental, you can rely on big company names. Their long history and a large catalog of vehicles can help you on choosing which car is best. After all, you are less likely to have experience with many cars.

Keep in mind that most rentals may impose their company policy. Even though they are largely following the state requirements for drivers, they still own the right to bar someone or incur a high fee when you’re under 25.

1. Hertz

One of the most popular car rentals, you can find Hertz in more than 8,500 locations worldwide. In general, their minimum age requirement is 20. But in New York and Michigan, you can rent from Hertz when you turned 18. Being one of the leading companies means they offer a large variety of cars for you to rent.

2. Avis

Another popular car rental company, Avis has more than a thousand offices that you can visit. They also offer a wide variety of vehicles with no restriction on what you can rent. However, they have a high surcharge for drivers aged 18 to 21. In Michigan, the surcharge is $41 per day, while in New York it’s $84. And if you look at the average rental fee for 25 years old, Avis only charges them about $27 per day.

3. National Car Rental

The company has a lower surcharge than Avis. Yet they have location-based fees, that you will see when you start your booking process. But if you’re 18 and military personnel, you will not incur the surcharge as long as you show your official orders. Another thing to note is they restrict the car options for young drivers.

Renting a car can be a good solution when you’re on a field trip with friends or going with family. In addition to feeling responsible for yourself and everyone in the vehicle, renting a car also can save you some money when you plan to travel a lot.

Even though now you know more about rent cars for 18 year olds, you must remember each company has different regulations. And most importantly, you must stay focused and you’re your driving record clean.