Rent A Car with No Deposit or Credit Card? How Is It Even Possible?

Is it even possible to rent a car with no deposit or credit card? There are some extra requirements that you may have to go through. Most people are wondering whether a credit card is the only ultimate requirement that enable them to rent a car. In reality, it’s not.

If you know how car rental company works, they can provide various alternatives to make the overall transaction easier. So, what should you know about the entire process and the general requirements?

Credit Card vs Debit Card

If you want to rent a car with no deposit or credit card, there is a possibility that you can do it. First of all, can you rent a vehicle without a credit card? The answer is yes. Credit card isn’t the only option. You can also use the debit card. However, there are some extra things you need to know about the arrangement before you can use it.

First of all, the car rental companies would consider a debit as the ‘weaker’ option. It’s not as strong as the credit card, so expect to encounter extra steps. The company would put a hold on your debit card, meaning that you won’t be able to use any money kept in the account until you return the vehicle.

Second, you will have to provide your credit score. The company wants to know whether you are considered a high risk. That’s why they pose a minimum score before they allow you to take one of their vehicle. No need to worry if your score is decent or enough, but if it’s poor…you will have to consider other options.

Moreover, can you rent a car without a deposit? If you use a credit card for the car rent, you won’t have to make any deposit at all. You see, the companies need security to make sure that you will return the car safely. That’s why they have the rules about the deposit. If you are using the credit card, your card is considered a safe and solid warranty.

It’s not the case when you are using the debit card. A debit card isn’t considered a safer option, so they need a financial guarantee for theft or possible damage that may happen to the car. When you use a debit card, they WILL surely ask for a deposit. If you can’t provide the deposit either, they may reject your request.

Credit Score and Car Rental

So, do you need good credit to rent a car? Rumor has it that you do. There’s even a myth that without good credit score, you won’t be able to rent any vehicle. Ever. However, you need to know your facts straight before you chicken out before even renting a thing.

As you have already read the previous part of the article, there are some requirements if you want to rent a car with no deposit or credit card. Well, having good credit score is one of those requirements. If you rent the vehicle by using a credit card and you make a deposit, the car rental company won’t be asking for your credit. As it was mentioned before, it’s still possible to use the debit card to rent a vehicle and provide the credit score to the company.

In most cases, your credit score should be within the range of 550 and 600. But then again, it depends on the company’s policies and regulations. Not all companies would require you to set a minimum credit score. If you can find a company that doesn’t require one, it would be great. But if not, you need to figure out other options.

Other Alternatives

So, what should you do when you want to rent a car with no deposit or credit card? As it was mentioned before, there are several alternatives to do so. First of all, you can always use the prepaid card or access the prepay service. Second, you can always use the cash.

Some people may have to provide more cash than the regular so they can rent the car. Third, you can find car rental services that have zero-deposit policy. With these services, you can use the debit card without making any deposit. Again, you may have to take extra steps, but you can go away with one of their cars.

Companies Accepting Debit Cards

There are some companies that are pretty lenient when it comes to renting out their fleet by using a debit card. When it’s about rent a car with no deposit or credit card, they don’t have solid credit card requirement to allow you rent a vehicle.

rent a car with no deposit or credit card

Sixt. The company is okay with payment using credit cards in most European areas and the UK. However, you need to check each country’s detailed requirements because they don’t apply uniformed regulations. For instance, if you want to rent a car in Ireland, you still need to use a credit card. Keep in mind, though, that you may not be allowed to rent premium models with the debit card.

Avis. They generally provide debit card usage for the rent. However, each country has its own regulations. For instance, if you want to rent a premium models in the UK, you may be required to display both of your debit and also credit card during the pickup.

Budget. Although they do accept debit cards as payment, the policy may apply in several countries only. You need to check the terms and conditions. They don’t accept prepaid cards, Visa Electron debit card, and American Express Traveller Cheque card.

Enterprise. They are willing to accept major debit cards, with only several exception. But if you want to rent the premium models, you must need the credit card.

Final Words

All in all, renting a car can be a complicated process if there are many obstacles along the way. But there is always alternative options to ease up the entire steps. Be ready with the extra steps and the extra hassle. You need to come prepared when you want to rent a car with no deposit or credit card.