Rent a Car in Wellington New Zealand

As the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington is a beautiful town. Most of the time people love to drive around and explore around the city. However, not everyone can afford those luxurious and high end cars. So you might need to rent a car in Wellington New Zealand that can offer a more affordable price range.

Budget Friendly Company to Rent a Car in Wellington New Zealand

  • Keddy

If you want something with more affordable price range than what offered by Europcar then you should go to Keddy. Actually this company is a sub brand of Europcar do you can find it near to each other.

The difference is this car rental company offer car model that is a little bit older so you might not find newest car if you look here. But do not worry as their car is well maintained so their condition still good.

  • Hertz

If you want an international company that already well known then you might want to check Hertz. This company operates in 146 countries including New Zealand. So, you can find wider selection of car models to rent which very good if you are looking for a specific model to rent.

Besides offering great pricing they also have friendly customer service and efficient staff that will help you process the car. You can rent the car in various durations so you can easily set the car renting for the duration of your travel.

  • Letz Rent A Car

If you want to rent a car in Wellington New Zealand local business then you need to go to Letz rent A Car. This company have been around for a while and have great reputation in the country. Because of this most of their customers said that they always come back to this company for their next visit.

Their staff is very friendly and they have 24/7 customer service that can assist you for when breakdown happen. But do not worry as their cars are actually very well maintained. You can find wide selection of budget friendly cars from this company.

  • Drive NZ Rental Cars

This company is well known for their affordability since Drive NZ Rental Cars price is really competitive. In fact they even offer price beat guarantee if you truly want to find the best deal.

Furthermore, they have wide collection of cars from the older model to the newer model. But most of their locations are located in the airport so you need to pay some airport surcharge. Luckily they do not have minimal bond. Still you need to give them your credit card information.

  • Hitch

If you are not bothered with a slightly older model then you can try to get your car from Hitch. Especially since their price range is very affordable. Do not worry, since the car have low mileage so it would still be reliable to be used on your journey.

Sadly they only have a few locations in Parnell, Auckland Airport, Queenstown Airport, and Christchurch Airport. But they also accept multiple drivers and provide roadside assistance when necessary.

  • Bargain Rental Cars

As the name implicate you can rent a car in Wellington New Zealand at a bargain. This company over very competitive pricing that goes to the cheapest car available. In fact they will even guarantee you to get the best price when you rent from them.

Of course, this means that their car is a slightly older version compared to the cars offered by other international companies. But do not worry as they are still in a good condition. They also allows for young renter with minimum age of 18 years old to be renting from them.

  • Jucy Rentals

Another budget friendly option that you can find is Jucy Rentals. This company offer wide range of budget car with smaller size. So it is more suitable as people carriers. However when you pick up their car from the airport location then they will charge you will premium fee although the fee is smaller compared to other company

The best thing is they have low minimum age requirements so younger driver can still rent from them. In fact they allows driver that as young as 18 years old. They have basic insurance and roadside assistance already include in their vehicle when you rent from them.

  • Omega Rental Cars

One of the biggest car rental company that you can find in the country. They provide wide range of car models from new to slightly older model. That way you can find a car that suit your budget.

They also offer service that allows you to pick up the car in Wellington which located in one of the island then later drop the car off in another island. If you want to rent a car in Wellington New Zealand and save some money they offer a service so you can drop off the car right before you ride the ferry then pick up another car once you get off from the ferry. That way, you do not need to be worried in renting another car for the rest of your journey.

  • Snap

This company might not as well-known as the other companies but they actually have good rates and reputation. Furthermore, they offer low pricing on their cars which would be very attractive for those who travel on a budget.

But of course, their low pricing comes with slightly older model. But do not worry as their cars are still very well maintained and have low mileage. If you are interested try to book your car as soon as possible since this company is quite small so their car is limited in number.

  • Go Rentals

This Company is different from the other car rental companies we mention before. The reason is because they offer a more modern car which makes them stand out from other local rental companies in New Zealand.

Since their car is new then you might get a slightly higher price range compared to the previous company. However, if you compare it to companies who only offer new cars their pricing is actually quite affordable.

As you can see, you can rent a car in Wellington New Zealand from various companies that you can easily find throughout the city. You can choose one which the best price range.