Rent a Car from Private Owner near Me Guide

With traditional car rental companies charging high pricing you might want to rent a car from private owner near me. The reason is of course the owner usually will chance a more reasonable pricing which makes it more affordable. This is why you will need peer-to-peer car rental platform so you can find those owner.

How to Rent a Car from Private Owner near Me?

If you want to do rent a car directly from the owner then you will need to use peer-to-peer car rental model. With this model local car owner will be able to rent their car to you for specific duration.

Usually the owner will list their car on some peer-to-peer car rental platform so it is easier to find. Then they will also set their own rules and rates so you can choose the car that you are more comfortable with. On the platform you will see local cars from various rates, model, and make.

Using the platform itself is advisable since it will give you protection when you do transaction with the owner. The platform usually also offer various service such as roadside assistance, insurance coverage and customer support.

How to Use Peer-To-Peer Car Rental Platform

Rent a Car from Private Owner near Me How to Use Peer-To-Peer Car Rental Platform

  • First you need to make an account on the platform that you choose. During the process they will ask you to upload necessary document such as profile picture, driver’s license and so on. They will also ask you to list debit card or credit card into the account as form of payment.
  • Once you have the account now you are ready to find the cars that you need. Usually they will have a field that you can input with the area where you want to rent the car from. They will also ask you to put the dates of the renting to make sure the car is available during those dates.
  • After you press enter then the platform will show you a list of cars from various rates, model, make, etc. Then you can apply filter to the search result to make it easier for you to find a specific car that you looking for.
  • Once you choose which car you want to rent then you need to book it by filling the form. You should also add insurance plan that will cover any incident that might happen in the future.
  • After the form is filled and you proceed with the process then the platform will chance the fee right away to the card that you have input before. After a while the car owner will also send you all of the information on the car including the pick-up location and how to pick it up.
  • On the day of the car pick up you can text the owner once you are in the specified location and time. Before you take the car away make sure to inspect both outside and inside of the car. Take picture of any damage even if it is just a minor scratch since it can be chance to you if you do not do it. Usually the peer-to-peer car rental will also ask you to upload those picture to their application. After everything is ready then you can take the car and use it.
  • On the day of the car drop off you can once again text the owner to tell them that you are ready to give them back the car. Once again you need to take a picture of the car the same way that you did before as proof that you return the car in good condition. Afterwards you are free to go.
  • However, if there is any damage to the car then the car owner will document it and then send it to the platform to request for some damage fee. The feel will then be chance to your card by the platform if any of the repair is not covered by the insurance.

Rent a Car from Private Owner near Me Using These Platform

Rent a Car from Private Owner near Me Drive Mate

  • Drive Mate

If you plan to have a trip around Australia then you need to rent a car through this platform. The main headquarter itself is in Melbourne but they offer cars in 35+ cities in Australia.

They also offer various security measures such as verified guest, keyless entry and remote tracking. All of your trip will be insured and their customer support can be reach 24/7. They offer car rental hourly or daily which can be very good if you only stay in the town for a few hours.

  • Getaround

This car rental platform allows you to rent a car from owner without having to directly meet them in person. They have a feature that you can use to unlock the car using Bluetooth that connected to their app. So all you need to do is go to the pick-up location and then unlock the car yourself. You do not need to talk or even meet anyone which is great for safety reason.

  • TURO

In this platform you can rent a car from private owner near the area that you want. Usually, you will need to pick the car up yourself from public area or the owner’s apartment. But some car owner also offer to deliver the car to the location that you specify such as airport for a fee. This website have wide selection of car’s rates, models, makes, etc. They even have special section where you can rent a car for special occasion such as wedding.

  • Car Shair

If you want to rent the car only for special occasion or if you just want something fancy then you need to use this platform. Here you can rent cars from high end brands. However, sadly they only offer cars in selective area such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas. But sometimes the rates that they offer can be significantly competitive compared to the economic car that you find on other platform so it still worth to check.

As you can see, it is actually pretty easy to rent a car from private owner near me if you use those platforms.