Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas: Specialties of The Company

You probably will never hear about Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas if you have never visited the island. But if you do come to the island, it’s a good idea to rent a car from there. The company has been around for quite a while, and they have delivered nothing but an impressive service.

It may be a small company that doesn’t have a national-wide coverage of branches and offices, but it doesn’t mean that the service is lousy or bad. On the contrary, you can expect amazing service and flawless performance from them. Just because they are running locally, it doesn’t mean that they won’t offer good service. You should try their service and see how you like it.

What’s Special about Paradise Rent a Car

Not many people know that Paradise has an impeccable service because they have never heard about it before. But then again, you can compare their service with the ones from the major brands. The Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas is offering quality service that has personal touch, specifically designed to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Even the big names aren’t able to match it up. You won’t have to wait for hours to get the cars that you want. You can immediately drive off with the car that you have reserved. You also have the free option to pick the car up at the counters or you can have someone from the company to drive it to the airport to pick you, and then drive off.

For the company, having smooth procedures and fun experience is crucial. They understand that most travelers don’t like having to spend hours for getting (or returning) the car. For them, having good and friendly service is crucial because it means that clients would be happy and satisfied.

Basically, Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas provides free (and easy) delivery service, drop off, and pick up between your destination or the airport. They can deliver anywhere, as long as it’s in the island, so it’s not an issue.

And the great thing about this company is their affordable rates. They are even lower than those of the major brands, but they are able to deliver better service. You are welcomed to visit the official website, but if you really want to talk about the service coverage and the exact price, you can always contact them through phone or email. No need to worry about their response. They usually have quick response time so you don’t have to wait all day long.

Their Long History

The company was set up in 2011, which means that they have been around for a decade. Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas is owned by a couple: Gunnar and Leah Watson. They moved to Virgin Islands in 1986 after their youngest son had graduated high school.

They were immediately in love with the island, and they have decided to stay there since then. They want to share the beauty of the island with others and they also want to help travelers to enjoy their trip at the highest level.

That’s why, after they got their business license in September 2011, they started their business. At that time, they only had 5 vehicles to serve their guests at Villa Marbella. After a decade, the fleet has grown to 50 vehicles.

Because of their good service, the company is high in demand, resulting in the company’s ability to expand their fleets. They also understand that their customers like new fleets, so they discard the rugged or worn vehicles.

Their fleet is currently consisting of Jeep Wranglers from 2019 to 2022 models. Of course, there are also other models, such as Dodge Durango, Dodge minivans, Jeep Latitudes, Toyota RAV4, Jeep Compass, and also quad cab (pickup) trucks. They even have Toyota Corolla in a limited number, especially for those who prefer it instead of the tough offroad or SUV models.

The roads in Virgin Islands are good and smooth, but there are also unbeaten paths that may be bumpy and rough. Not all of them are good with even surface. That’s why it’s often better to drive off with an offroad vehicle that can handle all kinds of terrains easily.

The Best Service to Expect

As it was mentioned before, the company’s response time is amazing. A lot of people said that they like it when they sent the emails and the response was immediately returned. Many have stated that the email exchange was friendly and fun, so the entire experience offered by Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas is just super nice.

According to the reviews, they are mostly happy with the entire service. Not only the response time is nice, but the company is also able to offer nice rates. Even with such a good service (which is far better than the major brands), their rates are relatively lower. You can seriously save a lot of money with them.

Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas

Many people had been doubtful about the company and its service. But after they have tried the service at first, they are always back for more. They are impressed by the good service.

Those who have experienced a rental experience with other service can even compare the experience, and the one that Paradise offers is just excellent. They are friendly. They care. They make sure that you experience good times. They ensure that what you spend is worth the experience.

Final Words

If you want to manage economy car rental St. Thomas without drama or complication, Paradise can be your reliable friend. You should be able to reach out to them easily and you don’t have to wait long to get answers. Feel free to ask them the details and they would be happy to accommodate you. You can even manage deals about the location for the pick up or delivery.

They are able to meet your requirements and try their best to deliver the best service only. You can always contact the representative from Paradise Car Rental St. Thomas anytime and expect the best service.