Finding the Best Nelson New Zealand Car Rental Companies

Are you looking for Nelson New Zealand car rental companies that offer wide range of vehicles? As New Zealand’s second oldest city, you can find amazing travel destination in Nelson. It is famous for its amazing and natural landscape with fine weather and good foods with excellent tourism spots. No wonder, during high season especially in summer break, many people fill up the city and thus the demand for rental car also increased.

How to find the best Nelson New Zealand car rental companies?

How to find the best Nelson New Zealand car rental companies
How to find the best Nelson New Zealand car rental companies

If you want to fully explore the city then renting a car in Nelson is a must. It will give you flexibility to go around the city or going nearby the area within the cities and reach your destination outside Nelson. So, how to find the best rental car when many car rental agencies or companies available?

1. Book early

If you want to get affordable rental car price then it is best to book a car days before your trip day. Reserved early to give you enough time finding the best car rental with the lowest price. You can compare all available car hire options through online applications or websites. Find the nearest car rental agencies so you can pick up the car with shortest time and save more money for no additional distance cost.

2. Set pick up location

Choose where do you want to get picked up since you can set any place for your pick-up location including at the airport right after you landing on Nelson. Several car rentals companies such as Avis, Firefly, Budget and Hertz offer pick-up services from airport to off airport location.

That’s why, make sure you choose provider that can give you such service and compare their rental cost when you option to get picked up at the airport.

Please note that when you choose to pick up the car at an airport, the price might go slightly higher than when you hire a car outside the airport area. It is because most of can rental companies will charge you with an additional cost like kiosk fee at the airport. To avoid such an extra charge, you can consider to take a taxi or ride share from airport and drop off in an area outside the airport since tax and fee will be charged based on where you choose to pick up your car and not where you drop off.

3. Join loyalty programs

Find Nelson New Zealand car rental companies that offer loyalty reward program so you can gain points to exchange it with number of rewards or perks. Especially if you like to hire a car and keep rent vehicles from that one brand. Loyalty reward program typically is free of charge, most of car rental companies will give their loyal customers interesting benefits when join their loyalty program including cashback, discount, no extra charge for add-ons, etc.

You can also join an airline that offer reward program which include cashback or discount from specific car rental companies.

Important notes when rent a car in Nelson New Zealand

Important notes when rent a car in Nelson New Zealand
Important notes when rent a car in Nelson New Zealand

Below are several important notes that may help you in finding the best rental car:

  • Some cheap and affordable car rental companies that you would like to consider hire a vehicle from them including Budget, EZI and Dollar. Average price to rent a car from them is around $26 to $43 per day. But remember that the cost may go higher depending on the mileages and the type of the car you want to rend.
  • Average rental car price in Nelson is around $68 per day. But once again, it depends on the provider and you may get cheaper price after comparing different car rental providers.
  • One of an extra cost that you normally need to pay is for the gas. Average gas price in Nelson as of now is about $6.77 per gallon and you may need to spend around $81 to $108 to fill up the tank depending on the car size. So, it is better to list such an extra cost and write it on your budget management planning.
  • The most popular car type to book in Nelson are Hatches and Sedan since they are comfortably accommodating large number of passengers since typically, they have big cabin inside. If you traveling with your family, then these kind of car types can be your comfortable option. Another car that popularly hired is a compact sedan like Kia Forte due to the cheap prize and medium sized model which offer you easy access for tight parking spice. However, if you have a plan to travel to regions like Marlborough and Tasman which typically have a lot of winding roads, then it is better to book a higher and large set of vehicles such as SUV to ensure your safety and comfortably travel experience. In other words, always consider not only about the price, but also the comfort and the safety of your far specially if you want to ride through mountainous terrains and national parks.
  • Standard rental prices according to the type of the cars are:
    • Economy car can cost about $22 per day
    • Standard car can cost about $15 per day
    • Compact car can cost about $47 per day

The price list above are average prices that found in the market. The price might be different when you book a car since it also depends on the car model you want to hire/rental and how long you want to drive it as well. On average, if you planning to hire a car for a week then you are likely need to pay around $450 per week.

In conclusion

Before looking for Nelson New Zealand car rental provider, you have to understand about the pricing, additional charge that might you need to pay as well as the policy changes which may become the challenge when you want to travel around Nelson or any other New Zealand cities. That’s why you have to gather useful and an up-to-date information to plan perfect trip especially about how to deal with car rental companies and what extra cost to avoid and expect!