National Rent A Car London: How to Get the Best Service from the Company

Thinking about renting from National rent a car London? Then you should seriously read the reviews before you decide to book with them. National is one of those top-notch names in the car rental industry that has existed for decades.

They have an impressive combo of good service, a wide and various fleet, and also easy-to-reach locations and offices all over the world. You will find National everywhere you go, whether you are going to Iceland or Mexico. What about London? How easy it is to find National in London or to reserve a vehicle from them?

The Company History

National is an American-based car rental company that has been around for decades. The company was first established in 1974, so they have been around for quite some time in this industry. They were set up in Clayton in Missouri. Now, National is one of the companies owned by Enterprise Holdings, which means that the company is now under the same ‘umbrella’ together with Alamo and Enterprise.

Enterprise itself is a very popular name in the car rental industry, especially in the US. The company is often associated with quality service and premium fleets. Enterprise is also known for its rather high price range, which is basically above the standard. But then again, they are able to provide impeccable service that is just worth the spending.

Fleet Options and Price

National gets a star rating of 8.6 from more than 24,000 reviews. Many of them state that the dropping off is the most convenient procedures of all. It’s effective. It’s easy. And it doesn’t waste time. The fleet is always clean and within a satisfactory state. With a lot of models and options, managing a National rent a car London is quite nice.

Some of the most popular options include the Economy Model or the Compact one. A Mini (Toyota Aygo or the similar model), only costs you €26 a day. An Economy Vauxhall Corsa costs around €27 a day, while an Economy Opel Corsa may cost you €29. This is the same rate applied to Compact Ford Focus. If you want Compact Nissan Leaf, it may cost you €45.50.

Naturally, the better the quality of the ride you want, the higher the price you will have to pay. A Standard SUV Volvo XC40 may cost you €83 a day, while a Luxury SUV BMW ix may cost you €97. In short, the company is able to provide various types and models of cars for rent in London UK, perfect for all kinds of people and also budgets. You will never run out of options either. But keep in mind that demand and supply affect the price range. So, if you want to have an affordable rent, book as early as possible.

Picking up and Dropping off Process

If you read may of National rental service reviews in London, the overall process to pick up and drop off is relatively easy. The process itself is straightforward and simple, provided that you have managed the booking and you have prepared important documents.

According to many people who have managed the National rent a car London, the staff is accommodative, helpful, and friendly. They can make the process go fast and effective, but they also need your cooperation. As it was mentioned before, as long as you prepare everything and you make the early booking, you are good to go.

Counter process may be a bit slow during peak season, but it’s not extremely annoying or odd. Again, the staff makes sure that you get the pleasant experience, so they make sure that you are satisfied with the entire process and procedures.

Location Access and Availability

If you want to reach out to National rent a car London, you need to know where to find them. In London alone, this company can be found in various locations. You can find National Rent a Car in Marylebone, not so far from the British Museum. You can also find one at 2 Coin Street, which isn’t far from other National offices: National Waterloo Station and National Waterloo.

There is also one at Paddington Station, which means that you can have easy access when you want to travel with a car and a train. There is also one National at Park Lane, not far from the Buckingham Palace. In airport location, you can find National at Heathrow Airport.  As you can see from these locations, National is scattered in many locations. It may be only one at Heathrow Airport, but you can find the company in other spots around London.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to enjoy smooth processing with National rent a car London and you want to prevent incidents or problems, there are some things that you can do.

National Rent A Car London

  • Make sure that you have made the early booking. Even when you have, you need to re-confirm it. Re-check your booking status a day (or two days) before your travel. This will prevent the possibility of any mix-up or disorganized booking and management.
  • It’s always advisable that you make the booking from the official website. But in the event you need to do it from a third-party provider, you can do the previous step of reconfirming and rechecking. The biggest problem with the third party service is that their order is often ‘missing’ or not confirmed properly.
  • Always take a picture of the car during the pick up. This will prevent you from being ripped off.
  • Always ask and confirm, especially if you don’t understand a term or you are confused about the whole arrangement.
  • Be ready with the documents and important notes.


You won’t have to worry about your transportation when coming to London. The city has good public transportation. But feel free to rent a car if you want to have more freedom in exploring the area.  National, as a company, has existed for decades. This fact alone has stated the quality of performance and service. If you want to have a reliable and trusted car rental service to meet your traveling needs while in London, managing National rent a car London should be a breeze.