Lyft Express Drive No Vehicle Available? Read the Solution Here!

Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available for you then you just need to rent a car through their website or application. Unlike most of applications which require you to have your own vehicle plus insurance to start driving for a rideshare, you do not need to do that when using Lyft app. They will provide you with wide range of vehicles that you can pick and then use them to gain some profit.

Read for more information regarding how to rent a car with Lyft and get an extra money through its application here.

Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available yet? Try these steps!

Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available yet Try these steps
Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available yet Try these steps

When you do not have enough money to buy your own car, but you want to try rideshare business to earn some profit, then we suggest you can try to book a car from Lyft. Rent a car with Lyft is far easier than book a rental car from another provider and use it for ridesharing.

It is because when you want to do rideshare, you have to give some information like insurance, car make and model to the company you want to be hired as a driver. But, using rental car from another provider means that there is no guarantee you will be able to use the same car for your drive. Moreover, it is difficult for you to proof your insurance for the rental car since that vehicle isn’t your own.

That’s why, Lyft make it more convenience and easier for their driver to rent a car through their application. As long as you can meet their criteria and standard, you will be able to drive for Lyft. You can just rent their car and then earn some cash by the end of the week.

Requirements to drive for Lyft with no vehicle

To drive for Lyft, you can use their Express Drive program. But first, you should meet their criteria to be able to rent a car and drive for them such as:

  • You need to have a valid driver license
  • Being at least 25 years old or older to drive
  • Pass background check and screening, you should have clean driving history and criminal background
  • You need to have smartphone that can download Lyft application to run their driver app

You also need to submit required documents through their website or application like your profile photo, personal vehicle insurance and registration if you have any.

Lyft partnered up with both Hertz and Flexdrive to supply their cars and these cars usually already met their vehicle standards such as:

  • Car should have 4 doors and 5-8 sears including the driver seat
  • The car should be 2017 or 2019 and newer depending on the cities you apply to be a driver.

In select cities, you can rent a car with insurance included already. Once you submit the application, they will process it and it can take for few days so you need to be patient. If you use your own vehicle, then they will conduct vehicle inspection as well which can make the process a lot longer.

Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available to rent if you do not meet their criteria. That’s why, before you apply for the job, you need to make sure that you can fulfil their requirements.

How to Apply for Lyft Express Drive Program?

How to Apply for Lyft Express Drive Program
How to Apply for Lyft Express Drive Program
  1. Download Lyft Driver App on your smartphone and sign up through it. You can also submit your application via their official site.
  2. After you sign up via the app, browse your location or cities and make sure there is Lyft service at your city.
  3. Booking your car according your location and set the time and date of when you want to pick up and drop off your rental car. The minimum rental time is 7 days and you will be able to renew it any time after a week.
  4. You have to pay refundable deposit with your credit or debit cards. The deposit will be returned to user once you drop off the car by the end of the rental time. It needs up to 2 weeks to process your payment and you will be paid based on the rides you complete. If the passengers give you some tips, you can 100 percent keep them. Your payment will be transferred right into your back account each week. If you want to get faster payment, you can use Lyft Direct debit card or Express Pay.
  5. After you make a reservation, you can pick up the car at the promised location in the scheduled time. Bring necessary document like your driver license, credit card and your installed Lyft app on your phone. They are needed so Lyft staff can make sure that you are the one who booking their car.
  6. After they confirm that you are okay to rent the car, you can drive it on the road and by the end of the rental time, you can drop it off and wait for a week for your payment to be transferred into your account.

They will charge extra fees if you use more gas or if there are any damages when you returned the car. So please be careful when driving the car so you can drop it off with the same condition when you picked it up.

The Pros and Cons of Rent a Vehicle with Lyft Rental

The Pros of rent a car with Lyft application:

  • They have wide range of vehicles from bicycles to cars. If you need to rent a car, they have multiple selections of large SUV, sedan and even hybrid cars.
  • There is no long-term commitment since you can rent a car for as little as seven days if you want to drive for Lyft.
  • They already included maintenance and insurance cost which can save your money if there is damage.
  • They only provide newer cars or at least 2017/2019 cars which mean you will get updated and modern safety features.

The Cons:

  • The cost to rent a car through Lyft can be quite expensive for drivers when you want to rent for a long term.
  • Of course, the vehicles aren’t yours to begin with so it means you can use or sell it for your personal needs.
  • Their services are not available in all cities yet.

Despite the cons, Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available is nothing to worry about since you can always pay to book the car via their app.