Lyft Car Rental Reviews: What is it and How it Works?

In these modern days, most people depend on the efficiency to rent a car and thankfully, we have Lyft which be able to provide such request. As many Lyft car rental reviews has been written, many people use the application mostly to rent a car for personal use or to get earnings by driving for Lyft. That’s why, we also want to give you some reviews regarding how this application works and benefits of renting a car with it.

Lyft car rental reviews: what is it and how it works?

Lyft car rental reviews what is it and how it works
Lyft car rental reviews what is it and how it works

Lyft provides easier, flexible and faster to rent a car in the most convenient ways for its users. Thanks to their rental car program. What is Lyft car rental? Lyft car rental is an online provider to enable people rent a car without need to go into counter-service establishment. All the rental process can be finished via an online application or their website. You do not even need to sign a lengthy paperwork; you just need to sign up an account or login it if you already have one and make an online reservation.

The benefits for using Lyft car rental application are:

  • It is more convenience since you just need to deposit some money through the app and the rental car cost will be charged directly from your deposit. You also do not need to fill up long paperwork and you just need to put your driver information in one time. Unlike most car rental providers where you need to fill out new information each time you want to rent a car.
  • You can get free Lyft credit about 10 percent when you pick up the car and receive 10 percent credit for more when you drop the car by the end of the contract. So, you can get 20 percent free credit.
  • No need to pay extra fees for more mileages since they offer unlimited mileage without additional cost.

To rent a car, this is how Lyft application works:

  • They partner up with Flexdrive and Hertz to provide rental car. Both companies are similar in terms of their services and qualities. However, they also have several differences. Flexdrive offers different mileage packages while Hertz have unlimited miles with weekly cost.
  • To rent a car, you have to make certain deposit and the cost to rent a car will be deducted from your deposit cash on your Lyft account. Just sign up/login into an account and then follow the application process, you also need to fill out debit or credit cards authorization form.
  • Once they do background check and approve your application, you can start to rent a car. Please make sure that you can meet their requirements when rent a car.
  • The app works when you set and select the type of the car you want to book. They are wide range of cars you can pick and you also need to set the date and select location where you want to pick up the vehicle. The process is basically just the same with Uber application. Once you make a reservation, you can pick up the car on the site and if you choose to go to counter service, you will get priority line.
  • Return your car once the contract is end or you can also renew the rental period. Lyft offers minimum 7 days of car rental and it is renewable each week. You will be charged only for how long you rent the car and if there is any additional cost such as for gas, tolls or damages.

Overall, Lyft car rental reviews offer good experience so far for their customers or users. And the rental cost can be cheaper than going direct. But it can also be similar with renting a car directly since you may need to pay extra fees depending on your rental period, tolls, or if you go for more miles.

Do the rental cars come with insurance?

Do the rental cars come with insurance
Do the rental cars come with insurance

Rent a car with Lyft across the US is always come with insurance and the fees are charged from your deposit. The amount of coverage is depended on the specific damages and the time of the accident happened. Both Flexdrive and Hertz provide some level of coverage for physical damage and underinsured/uninsured motorist during personal driving and liability coverage.

It is needed to pay extra fees for additional insurance? Well, it depends on you, it is true that the car providers offer certain amount of coverage but they typically just give you standard insurance. With that being said, it is always suggested if the users can add more insurance to get higher level of coverage. Especially if you need to rent supercars or sports cars.

It is safe to rent a car with Lyft?

It is safe to rent a car with Lyft since they provide high maintenance cars and good quality of services. If you read other Lyft car rental reviews, you may find that most of the users feel satisfied with the way they handle the renting process and how the take care each of their vehicle.

It is because Lyft also have good cleanliness procedure to make sure that each car which they rent to a customer is in a good condition, safe and clean to be used. The procedures include making sure that they ventilating the cars for about 3 hours, removing the trash, clean and disinfecting the car keys, removing lost and found items, wiping down the surface, disinfecting the cabin and vacuum it as well, etc.

In my opinion, I have a good experience when driving a rental car from Lyft so far. That’s why, there is no reason to not try their service. And for those who want to get some earnings or want to make some extra cash, you can apply as driver for Lyft. You do not have money to be driver for Lyft? You can also rent a car from them and no need to use your personal car. The procedure is easy as long as you can meet their criteria and requirements.