How Old To Rent a Car Michigan: All You Need To Know

Many people don’t understand or know how old to rent a car Michigan. Most of them think that the state also has 21 as the minimum age, just like in any other state. But you can be as young as 18 to start renting a car. Of course, as a protective measure, the company will charge you an extra fee to protect their vehicles.

How Old to Rent a Car Michigan: The Basics

Michigan is like most states in the US where driving is the most popular transportation method. And renting can be the solution for you who already carry a license, but do not yet own a car. Anyhow, knowing the minimum age to rent is not the only thing you must know. You also need to know the regulations, restrictions, as well as the requirements to rent a car.

1. Understand State Laws

Did you know that different states have different speed limits as well as traffic laws? Some of these differences can be obvious while others are quite subtle. For example, driving while texting is illegal in Michigan. Even if you believe you’re capable of driving with one hand, Michigan state will fine you and may take away your license.

Both visitors and local drivers must know and obey these rules while they’re in the state limit. And since most car rental companies have offices all across the states, you can Any record can affect your legibility to rent a vehicle in Michigan.

2. Have the Right Financial Requirements

When you rent a car, you also must provide documents to show that you have the financial capacity to rent and cover the insurance. If you’re still under 20, you are likely to be part of your parent’s insurance policy.

Anyhow, most rentals will require you to take the additional insurance they offer with the car. But if your insurance covers collision protection, you may want to waive the rental insurance to save more money.

If you’re above the minimum age, the rental company may inquire about your job. Again, this is a common measure from the company to protect their properties.

3. Rental Company’s Policies and Restrictions

In general, a rental company will put a higher price on young drivers. They may call it a young driver program. This additional fee acts as a buffer to protect their vehicles. According to, car rentals in Michigan charges $36 extra for drivers under 20, while 21-24-year-old driver only charge $15 extra per day.

Don’t forget that the company also has the right to limit vehicle options. For example, as an 18-year-old, you only can choose between compact, small, and SUV vehicles. The company also can further restrict your options

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Age vs Driving Record

When it comes to renting a vehicle, both age and driving records are equally important. You need to show that you have a clean record in the past year. However, if you plan to save on renting a car, you could wait until you’re 25 to get the best price.

Any speck on your driving record may reduce your chance to rent a car. The rental company may refuse your rental booking when they see you have several parking tickets in the past year. And since it’s within the company’s right, all you can do is look for a more lenient rental company.

Which Company is Affordable for Young Drivers in Michigan?

Comparing different car rental companies, almost all of them incur an extra fee for drivers under 25 years old. The amount varies between $25 to $50 per day. And this is only the surcharge, excluding the vehicle’s rental fee, taxes, and other fees you must pay. Remember, the younger you are, the more expensive this surcharge is.

After knowing how old to rent a car Michigan, you can check their traffic regulation as well as start to look at the nearest rentals. Some of the large companies such as Hertz, Avis, and Dollars are available across the states. You can go on a road trip from Ohio to Michigan just fine. Just remember not to drive the car across the border or you’re risking losing your license.