How Much to Rent a Car with Uber?

If you already get a driver license and want to start driving for Uber then of course you need to buy or rent a car. Renting a car is an option when you don’t have enough money to buy one, but you still want to drive a car for Uber. Fortunately, there is a way for you to rent a car with Uber. So, how much to rent a car with Uber?

The benefits of rent a car with Uber

The benefits of rent a car with Uber
The benefits of rent a car with Uber

Some people prefer to rent a car with Uber instead of renting directly with a car rental agencies or company, why?

  • Easier rental process and experience

Rent a car needs many documents and the process sometimes is a bit or if not, so complicated. And that’s why Uber with its application and program, want to make it simpler and now rent a car with Uber is very simple, even it is as simple as order an Uber ride.

  • A lot of promotion for cheaper price

You can make a benefit from Uber Cash promotion; this company like to offer promotion from discount to a cashback. If you get some cashback from Uber Cash promotion then you can use it for food delivery or rides from Uber and thus it will be more beneficial than you rent a car directly from a rental company.

This is mean that you have so many options to rent a car from wide variety of rental companies. You can find Uber car rental near your area and choose the car that you want to rent. Below are several major car rental companies that partnered with Uber:

  • Hertz: This is one of the biggest car companies in North America who offer wide range of vehicles that meet with Uber’s standard criteria of a car. You can rent a car from them and drive it to unlimited miles.
  • Avis: This is another car provider that partnered with Uber and they offer Uber approved cars. They even offer wide variety of four-door cars along with the insurance. If you do not want to drive the car every day, you can just rent it weekly, driver can keep the car for up to 8 weeks.
  • Fair application: If you are looking for Uber lease to own program then you can use Fair app. They are partnered with a goal for a driver can rent or to do short term lease to have a car. Unfortunately, the program is already ended, but before that, this is one of the best ways to have a car with leasing agreement.

Car standard requirements

Uber car standard requirements

Those are several benefits on why you should rent a car with Uber. However, Uber specifically list some standards of cars that you can rent to make sure both the driver and passengers are save. Luckily, the standards or criteria are pretty simple such as:

  • The car should have four doors and at least can accommodate four passengers
  • Reconstructed, salvaged and rebuilt cars are not allowed
  • The car cannot be more than 15 years old
  • The car should have insurance
  • The car cannot have commercial branding, missing pieces, significant modification or cosmetic damage and taxi paint jobs.
  • Driver who wants to rent a car should have driving license and at least 21 years old or older.

If you think you can deal with these criteria then it will make you easier to rent a car with Uber.

How much to rent a car with Uber and how to start?

How much to rent a car with Uber? It depends on the car you want to rent; the cost can be cheap to pretty high in terms of what kind of car you pick. It can start from $10 a day to hundred of dollars for a week. The cost can get pretty high the longer you rent the car and thus before you rent it, try to find a discount or cashback program.

To be able to rent a car with Uber, these are some steps you can do easily:

  1. Rent a car with Uber for personal use

If you want to rent a car with Uber for personal use then you just have to:

  • Book your car by tap on the Uber application, choose rent option and fill in the required form. You can pay the car in advance or pay later at the rental garage. When you choose to pay in advance then you can pay it with your Uber Cash, they sometimes offer cashback or discount program, so you may choose this option.
  • Go pick up the rented car at the rental garage or just stay where you at and use Uber Valet feature to pick up the car. If you pick the first option then you have to arrive there at specified given time. Do not forget to show your credit card and license.
  • After you are done with your trip, do not forget to bring the car back at the rental garage or you can use Uber Valet again so a driver can pick up the car for you.

For your information, Uber Cash offers 10 percent cash back on your account after you safely returning the rented car.

  1. Rent a car as Uber driver

Another option is to rent a car as official Uber driver. Yes, that’s true that you can still sign up as Uber driver even when you do not have your own car. What you need to do is just rent a car with Uber. If you want to rent a car as Uber driver you have to do:

  • Sign up as a driver by visit Uber website, fill in the required forms and follow the instructions until you are accepted as their driver. The process may take some time since the company need to check your background and whether you fulfilled their standards.
  • After you are approved as a driver, you have to decide what kind of a car you want to rent as long as it meets Uber car standard requirements. You also have to decide how long you will rent a car since it will affect the rental cost. You can rent a car for few hours or weekly. These options can be done depending on your area.
  • Choose from rental companies that partner up with Uber and offer wide range of cars or vehicles. Uber works with many reputable rental agencies or companies and they already make sure to offer vehicles that meet with Uber standards and criteria of a car.
  • When you already get the car from certain Uber partner, make sure that you check again their terms and conditions. It is because some partners allow you to cancel the rental car anytime, while others can’t provide similar benefits.

Rental car with Uber vs going direct

If you still want to know how much to rent a car with Uber and even want to know whether it is cheaper than going direct, well, you should know that Uber is always consistent when they offer rental cost. For example, the base price to rent a car directly in a week is probably about $200 and it still exclude additional fees. It means that when you rent a car one week in every month, you may need to spend around $200-400 depending on the vehicle’s type as well.

The cost to book a car with Uber is pretty much just the same, however, it can be cheaper when you use Uber Cash and they give you 10 percent Uber cashback. This kind of perks will make it more beneficial for you to rent through the application instead going direct. Moreover, if you tab in university or corporate codes then you probably can reduce the rental cost even more. Of course, if you are eligible to add these codes when you book the vehicle.

We always suggest you compare and cross check the cost/price of rent a car with Uber and going direct rent a car at rental agencies. The rental agencies may offer some discounts as well so you can get a better deal.

More info

Some pro tips for you who still want to rent a car with Uber:

  • Always bring a credit card when you want to take the rented car directly at rental companies or agencies. It is because most of the company only accept credit card instead of debit card. Furthermore, make sure the name on your driver license is match with the name on your credit/debit card.
  • Each of the third-party rental car from Uber is usually include insurance already, but you can always option to purchase additional insurance when you make a reservation. It cost more but it will give you extra protection if something unexpected happened. But you need to make sure whether you want to add more cost.

Hope all these information above can give you satisfying answer regarding on how much to rent a car with Uber. The option is all yours whether you still want to rent a car with Uber or not.