How Much Are Car Rentals for A Week: The Contributing Factors That Affect The Rates

For those who have first time rent a car, must know how much are car rentals for a week to fit your existing budget. We know that the demand of car rental is increasing, especially in the long summer where many people go on vacation.

Having trips sometimes need longer time, and a day trip isn’t enough so renting a car that can be used more for 5 days is a must. The problem is when it is your first time, you are newbie who don’t know the procedure and the expense you spend for this.

How Many Days for Renting A Car

However, if you plan on spending 5 to 6 days on the trip, then renting for a week can help you save up a lot of money. So, it basically depends on how many days are you planning on the trip.

How Many Days for Renting A Car

Because of many contributing factors, people are wondering is it cheaper to Uber or rent a car? Well, it depends on your activity, really. If you are going to spend most of your time traveling around and making a lot of stops, then it’s only logical to rent a car, which is cheaper than using the Uber. However, if you are one of those people who prefer spending your time indoor and not really wanting to travel around, then there is no need to rent a car. It would be cheaper just to use the Uber.

Factors that Affect the Rental Cost

Each rental service may have their own expense calculation. But there are actually some determining factors that decide how much are car rentals for a week.

Rental Period

It relates to the duration of time that we already mentioned. Do not overlook the fact that the pricing is influenced by the season. For instance, weekend rates would be more expensive than weekly rates. Or the cost would be more during peak season than it would be during ordinary low season.  Therefore, be careful to pick the appropriate time to avoid paying more.

Rental Location

We knew that each location will set the different price as well. If the rental service is located in popular or touristy locations, they are going to cost more. If you want to have a cheaper option, you may have to drive farther to rural village area or suburban setting. If you have to rent from airports, be ready to spend more. But if you are willing to go outside the airport, you can save up quite a lot.

How Classy The Car Is

Basically, if you go with the regular and small vehicles with fewer features, you won’t have to spend a fortune, especially when compared to the classier car with more sophisticated features. The bigger the cars are, the costlier it will be. The more luxurious the cars are, the pricier they will be. Expect to spend more for EV or hybrid too.

How to Save up the Rental Money

Not only you the information about how much are car rentals for a week can help you with your spending, but there are also some helpful tips that can make you able to save up more. Doing these things are basically simple, but people tend to underestimate them.

how much are car rentals for a week

Make Early Reservation

Whether you are traveling in peak or low season, booking early means that your ride will be available by the time you arrive. Let’s not forget that early booking also means that you can save tons of money, which you can use for other expenses during the travel. As soon as you have picked up your destination, reserve right away. It would be even better if you can also shop around for extra discounts or coupons. Trust me, they can really help.

Location Smart

Do your research when it comes to the location. As it was mentioned before, airports charge high. Some of the inner city spots and airports may charge higher than those out of the city locations. But don’t forget to also factor in the extra money (and time) for the travel. Let’s say that the airports charge $40 per day. In out of the city, they charge you $25. But if you use taxi to travel to the spot, you will have to spend another $20 by taxi or $5 by bus. Don’t forget about these factors too.

Ditch Unnecessary Add-ons

It’s understandable if you may be tempted to get the add-ons, thinking that they are useful. In reality, not all add-ons are beneficial. For instance, you may not need the GPS if you are already familiar with the area. Or if you won’t drive on the toll, then there’s no point having a toll plan. Take a closer look to the add-ons and determine whether you need them or not.

Fuel Fill in

It would be better to fill in the gas before your return the car to the service. Otherwise, they will charge you for the gas – and they tend to charge a premium rate. It’s also possible that they also charge you for the fill up fee. It’s better to have some extra minutes filling up the gas before returning the car, so you won’t have to spend a hefty amount.

Final Words

In the end, there are some elements that may affect the rental price. But there are also some helpful tips that can help you save up money. Now that you know how much are car rentals for a week, you can start making the plans now.