How Does Lyft Rentals Work through the App?

Know how does Lyft rental work for you who want to book a car online for personal drive or ride-sharing and earn some money. With Lyft Express Drive program, you can book or hire a wide range of rental car through online application or website.

This program offers easy access for people who do not have their own vehicles but want to drive with comfortable rides across United States. They also allowing people who pass their requirements and background check to hire a vehicle and drive for Lyft to earn some money. Below are several steps on how Lyft Rentals work for users.

How does Lyft rentals work?

How Does Lyft Rentals Work through the App
How Does Lyft Rentals Work through the App

You can start to rent vehicle like car through Lyft application or their official website on here. If you want to use your phone then just download their app and open it. After that, follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the car keys button which located at the bottom of the screen. Proceed to select your city, just scroll to see Lyft rental option which available in your location. As of now, Lyft partnered with both Hertz and Flexdrive to supply their rental vehicles. If you want to see which cities have access for these providers then you can check it out on here.
  • Select the location where you want to rent a car and after that select the type of the vehicle you want to book. They have wide variety of vehicles including electric and hybrid cars. They also provide larger vehicle such as sedan or SUV which suitable for family or if you want to ride with many passengers.
  • Find vehicle you want to book which suitable with your deposit or budget. The prices are listed next to the vehicle types. You will see daily rate to hire a car or vehicle. Click a vehicle you want to rent and then set the date you want to pick up the car as well as the time and drop off location.
  • Scan your rental information once again before you go to the next page. If all looks good and you do not want to make any change, tap the next button and you will see a review page. On this page, you can add additional features for car sear, ski rack, tire chains, etc. for free.
  • You can also add rental car coverage or insurance if you want, just scroll through the Coverage menu to explore the options. If there is an extra fee, you will be charged through the app. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the gas since they will fill up the tank for you and you only need to pay for the gas that you use.
  • You need to have driver license if you want to rent a vehicle and without it, you won’t be able to proceed. You only need to upload your driver license information for once and the application will already save it to you every time you want to rent a car in the future.
  • When you want to pay for your rental, select payment method you want to use. You can pay with your credit card or debit card. If everything looks good, you can choose or tap Reserve button.

Now, you can pick up your car/vehicle, just bring your Lyft application on your phone when you go to get your car at the pick-up location. There is no for you to fill out long paperwork or sign up any contract. And the best thing to use Lyft to rent a car in America is that you can drive as far as you want without extra mileage fees. They offer unlimited miles and the price you see is the price you have to pay. As long as you drop off the vehicle in the same condition just like when you picked it up, there is no need to pay for additional cost.

This application also offers a program for those who want to earn money by becoming a driver for Lyft. You do not have your own car? Do not worry, Lyft Express Drive no vehicle available with an option to rent a car and then use it to earn money. You just need to apply as a driver for Lyft through their website.

Read the requirements and make sure you can meet all the criteria to become their driver. After that you can rent a car and ride share it with other passengers or customers. You will earn some cash and Lyft will deposit your earnings through the application after your earnings are deducted from the cost of renting a car.

Lyft rentals review

Lyft rentals review
Lyft rentals review
  • When pick up the rental car, you can go to Lyft rental pick up locations according to your city. Upon arrival, the staff normally will ask you information like your driver license, name and credit card to make sure that you are the one who rent the car. Once you confirm it, they will give you the car keys and you can drive it on the road now.
  • By the end of the rental day, you can drop off the car you rent. The time and the day of the drop off is already being scheduled when you first ordered a rental car. When you arrive at the drop off location, they will inspect the car to see and check whether there are damages. If you use more gas then you will be charged, but remember Lyft only charge market rate for the tank with no extra cost. Once they make sure, there is no damage, you can be able to leave the place.

Final words

So far, how does Lyft rentals work are very satisfying. And using Lyft application to rent a car to drive around the city or within cities are the most convenience way. You can skip many hassles to rent a car and there are no extra fees if you go for more miles. In addition, there is no extra fees when you drop off the car without full tank and using toll transponder. They will only charge you with market rate for both fees.