The Importance Of Fox Rent A Car Review Before Making a Decision

It’s only crucial that you read Fox Rent a Car review before making any reservation. A review will help you understand the overall situation, preparing you for the worst. It will also help you get a clearer idea of the best things to expect and the worst possibilities. After all, all smart and wise clients will always refer to the review before they make any decision, so be sure to follow their footstep.

The Specialty of Fox Rent a Car Service

It’s true that there are tons of good car rental companies out there. Some of them are super popular, especially amongst travelers and road trippers. However, popular names may also mean high price tag. If you have limited budgets or you are one of those travelers with price-conscious mind, then Fox Rent a Car may be the perfect option for you.

Try typing ‘affordable car rent service’ and you will see Fox’s name appear on the list. And if you do read Fox Rent a Car review, you’ll know that one of their biggest forte is the price range. It’s able to deliver satisfying performance and service like the big names, and yet, the price range is user-friendly. It won’t put a hole on your wallet, for sure.

Fox Rent a Car and Its Long  History in Existence

A lot of people in Fox Rent a Car review are often confused about this company. Some of them think that it’s an independent car rental company operating on its own, while others believe that it’s a part of other company, which also runs in the global scale. The latter believes that Fox is a part of Europ’s company, a car rental service from France.

To get the facts straight, here’s some of the things you need to know about the company. Fox Rent a Car Company was initially set up by three people in 1989. They were business partners who decided to open a car rental service with a location close to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

So, it’s basically a US based company which was acquired by Europcar Mobility Group in 2019. The reason for this French company’s purchase was to create a presence (European presence, that is) in the US soil. Fox Rent a Car now has offices in Tulsa and Los Angeles, having 1000 employees working for them.

Fox has 21 rental car offices scattered around the US in various locations, including New York, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, and others. The company is also present within international scope. They mostly work together with partners in some regions and countries, including in Australia, Mexico, and Canada. They also exist in the Middle East, Europe, Central America, and others. With more than 20,000 fleet of cars, the collections consist of various options, from the economy rides (the smaller ones) to bigger ones (like Jeeps and SUVs). You can get this information by reading Fox Rent a Car review, gaining deeper insight into the service.

About the Reviews

The Fox Rent a Car review itself is different from one region to another. Different locations have different reviews, and they are also different based on the platform’s ratings. BBB (Better Business Bureau) gives Fox Rent a Car a rating A. unfortunately, it only has 1.02 for the average rate from 5 star status. It’s not doing very well, considering that the site has 200 reviews and more. The company is said to close off 765 numbers of complaints within 5 years. Many of the claims stated about unexpected charges.

In Trustpilot, the company gets 3.8 stars rating, with 16,281 reviews as the basis. From those company reviews and feedbacks, around 63% were considered excellent, while 11% were considered bad. Well, it’s not a bad outcome, anyway. At least the positive reviews exceed the bad ones. And the percentage for the bad ones was quite low with ‘only’ 11% from more than 16 thousands.

Consumer Affairs, another website, gives a pretty good rating for the company. With 3.7 stars rating from 1,334 reviews, the rating itself has spoken volume of its quality and performance.

But then again, if you consult Google and look for the reviews from Fox, you will see that several (individual) locations have more positive and better reviews when compared to others. Fox’s location in Fort Lauderdale, for instance, has 2.4 stars rating on the website. Complaints are mostly about billing issues claim, unexpected charges, and also car cleanliness. It seems that Fox does reply individually to negative complaints and reviews, and they have been doing it across different platforms.

In the end, the overall service review is pretty good and positive. It’s probably dotted with negative complaints and bad reviews, but in the end, the positive reviews exceed the negative ones.

Is the Company Worth It?

Let’s not forget that when a business is able to provide excellent service in one sector, it may have to compromise other sectors to balance it out. According to many of the reviews, Fox is just perfect for travelers with limited budgets.

Importance Of Fox Rent A Car Review

However, if you are expecting premium experience with premium lines of vehicle, then be ready to be disappointed. It’s true that the price range from Fox isn’t as high as the ones set by Avis, National, or Budget, but you shouldn’t expect the fleet to come with pricey features or with fancy vehicle option.

Fox would be perfect for those looking for inexpensive rides without a lot of winning features. If you consult ratings from BBB, the company seems to collect complaints and negative reviews over these years. But let’s not forget that Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs give this company some positive reviews. It also seems that the company has its own policy to respond directly and individually to customers’ complaints.

Final Words

Many review websites consider this company as the Tier 3 service, meaning that it’s a part of smaller brands or names with (mostly) reliable service and quality performance. It’s not too bad, really. If you think of it, the Fox Rent a Car review isn’t too bad and you can still have good expectation from this company.