Economy Car Rental St. Thomas and Traveling with Convenience

Although you are thinking about managing economy car rental St. Thomas, you still need to prepare the budgets for your travel around the island. People may have different opinions about renting a vehicle. Some of them may believe that they need to rent one, while others don’t.

But if you really want to explore your ways around, it’s advisable that you rent a vehicle – unless you are planning on staying in your resort most of the times. If you are rather adventurous and you want to go to hidden path or explore the remote areas, then renting a vehicle is a must. So, what kind of car rental companies can you choose?

First Rent a Car

You can’t really expect to find a lot of reviews about the company, but there’s no need to worry. This is a legit company that operates on the local area, which means that you can only find it on the island. Although finding the reviews can be difficult, some reviews show that customers are happy with the overall performance of the company. It’s known as a reliable economy car rental St. Thomas that provides reliable service, good rates, and friendly service.

Many have stated that the company provided great service. They are willing to do upgrades when they see that their customers aren’t happy or that their model isn’t suitable to their preferences. Although they may be a small and local company, they make sure that they only deliver impeccable service that satisfies their clients. They offer great rates with decent vehicle options. The staff is also friendly and helpful, and they do their best to only deliver the most perfect performance.

Dexter Rental Car

This is another reliable provider for economy car rental St. Thomas that runs locally. It’s basically a small company that has been around for only several years, but they have been able to deliver top-notch quality service – a service that is getting rare from the popular brands these days. Want to manage that won’t disappoint you or compromise your options of fleets? Dexter is able to provide the best service possible.

According to many reviews, this company is able to offer good service without costing you a fortune. The rates for car rental service in St. Thomas are generally higher than other places in the US, but the rates offered by Dexter is relatively logical and standard. They don’t ‘misuse’ their fleets availability to rake in a lot of money. They are able to deliver honest service with great precision and also flawless performance. It’s one of the companies that you should include in your list.

Falcon Car Rental

This is one company that can help you with your transportation issue while in St. Thomas. The company has got a 5-star rating, which speaks volumes of your quality service. They can offer you different kinds of fleets, from Nissan Sentra to tough Jeep, depending on your preferences.

Not only that; they also provide affordable rates and impressive customer service. As one of the economy car rental St. Thomas providers in the island, they can provide only the best service without you having to dig deeper into your pockets. You can expect spending ‘only’ $85 a day for an Economy model. Such a great bargain, eh?

The price isn’t the only thing that is great about this company. The company is also able to offer great service. You can get new model that isn’t ragged or worn. You can expect it to be clean and super comfortable. The staff is also friendly, accommodative, and helpful. They can provide extra service, such as a rental swap or a pick up (from the airport), in case you need one. In short, they try their best to extend their assistance to ensure that clients are happy.

Cousins’ Car Rental

Looking for a reliable and economy car rental St. Thomas? You are looking at one service that can provide the best service when it comes to car rental service. It may be one of the local names in the industry, but don’t underestimate its quality service. Many of the customers are happy with the company’s service and they want to come back for more.

Not only you can get affordable rates, but they also have quite wide fleet to accommodate your needs. Even when you make your order last minutes, they can still have you. And they won’t charge you with ridiculous rates to make use of the condition. The staff is friendly and helpful. The fleet is good and clean. The process is easy and smooth. In short, you will only experience perfection and satisfaction with them.

Tips when Traveling to St. Thomas

Many of the car rental companies operating in St. Thomas island may not come from major brands, but it doesn’t mean that they will deliver lousy or lame quality. In fact, you can look into the names of the local brands and expect them to deliver just the perfect outcome. Local car rentals in this island are often considered as one of the best car rental in USA.

If you want to spend your time at the resort without traveling around, then there is no need to rent a car. But if you are planning to be busy during your travel, then renting a car is a must in St. Thomas. The island has its own public transportation system, but it doesn’t reach all interesting places. If you want to go to the unbeaten path or the spots that aren’t exactly on the tourist map, then renting a vehicle would be a wise option.

economy car rental St. Thomas

Keep in mind that driving in St. Thomas is on the left side, so you need to get used to it. The standard rates for the rental are around $100 a day; give or take. The regular and standard price is around $125 to $130 per day. Be sure you have the budgets. The age requirement is 25 years old, at least. Be ready with the documents, and you are good to go. If you meet all the requirements, you can manage economy car rental St. Thomas quite easily.