Cheap Car Rentals in Salem Oregon: 5 Best Candidates

If you are thinking about having cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon, you should know that there are many available options out there. Salem is the capital city of Oregon, which makes it logical if the city is busy and quite crowded.

The locals like to rent a vehicle for business or leisure, while travelers like to rent the vehicle for exploring the city. Although there are many car rental services in the city, only some are reliable and trusted. So, what are the available options? What can you gain from these companies?

Budget Rent a Car

Budget is one of the popular car rental in Salem Oregon that has existed for years – if not decades. The fact that the company manages to survive these long years of existence is a proof that it has a solid performance and a good quality service. If you want to have inexpensive car rental service, you are looking at the right company because the rates are relatively lower than other popular brands.

You should read reviews of the previous clients and users. Many of them state that they are happy with the quality of the service. Not only they can enjoy inexpensive car rental service, but they won’t have to worry about performance or quality either.

The options of fleets are plentiful, with various types and models being offered. Many like the fact that the fleets are all clean and comfortable. The entire process is effective and simple, focusing on easy reservation and early booking. No wonder if this company is considered one of the trusted but cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon.

Enterprise Rent a Car

When we are talking about Enterprise, the name has always been associated with quality performance. It’s not really surprising if the company isn’t only known as one of the best providers in the car rental industry, but also the most reliable. They are able to provide cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon but you will have to prove yourself as the loyal customer to finally get their generous discounts and offers.

Enterprise has been known to set a rather high rates amongst other companies. But it happens for a good reason, really. The company has been known to set its own high standard in terms of service and quality, which results in the high price range. Of course, the rates for their car rents are relatively higher but you can get the worthy service that you won’t get elsewhere.

Of course, there are also other factors that make this company excel amongst the others. Extensive and expansive fleet options, logical price, impeccable service, and friendly assistance are some of them. When you rent from Enterprise, rest assured that you are in a good hand.

Hertz Rent a Car

Hertz is another name in cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon that is able to provide good service and affordable price. If you rent a compact or an economy ride, you can expect a $30 rate for a day. If you go with the Intermediate, expect to spend $34 per day, while a Standard may cost you around $42 a day. They have a lot of other options with various types and models, so you can basically find any model that fits your budgets and your requirements.

Many people who have rented from this company stated that the overall experience is good. The fleet option is quite good with decent cleanliness and quality ride. As long as you read the contracts and you understand everything, you get what’s worth your spending.

The fleet consists of relatively new models, although not the latest types. When you compare the model, quality drive, and the features, the price range is pretty logical. Some people say that you can even save up more money when you make an early booking or such thing alike, but the price tag being set by Hertz alone is low enough when compared to other services.

Withnell Rent a Car

Withnell is one of the local names in the car rental industry in Salem, Oregon. It has existed for quite a while. Withnell family built this car rental agency in 1990, which means that it has been around for at least 3 decades. It’s no wonder if it’s considered one of the most popular car rental companies in the area, also known for its cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon.

Withnell car rent company isn’t only a car rent, but it’s also a car wash. It can also serve as a car sales for those interested in buying a car. So, think of it as one-stop-service for everything related to auto and cars. A lot of people say that this local company is able to deliver impressive service. They aren’t only providing good fleet of a car, but they also provide friendly service and affordable rates. These combinations are the reason why Withnell remains strong amongst other popular competitors. Salem may be full with other international names, like Avis, Enterprise, or Hertz, but Withnell is one of the favorite picks for travelers and the locals.

Avis Rent a Car

Avis is one of the most popular options in Salem because of its quality service. The company has a solid establishment in the business, having more than 5000 locations within 165 different countries. With their presence in Salem, the company is able to offer their expansive fleet, consisting of electric vehicle, SUV, compact and economy rides, luxury cars, and so many more.

cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon

In terms of price, the renting price is quite affordable, even low. The Economy model is around $23 per day, while the Compact model is around $24 a day. Intermediate may cost you $26 per day, while the Standard may cost you around $33 a day. But you’d better talk to the company’s representative to get the exact quote of the price. Sometimes, the price on the web hasn’t included taxes and fees.


With Salem’s popularity as the capital or Oregon, it’s easy to see why the car rental service is likable and favorable. No need to worry about the quality service because there are so many cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon despite the low price.