Exploring Car Rentals Punta Cana Dominican Republic For Your Best Holiday

You should consider getting car rentals punta cana dominican republic for the duration of your holiday there. The country has so many gorgeous places to see and it will be a waste to not check them out. Here are what you should know about renting in the Dominican Republic.

Why You Should Look For Car Rentals Punta Cana Dominican Republic

First of all, the Dominican Republic has a gorgeous landscape that you shouldn’t miss. While you also can sign up for a tour, it still counts as a miss since you can always stop by and explore the vicinity with your rental car.

Being on the easternmost side of the country, Punta Cana also offers a different experience than other seaside towns. You can drive around the town to explore some of the most popular beaches and destinations such as the Bavaro and Isla Saona. But renting a car can take you further as you drive down the D3 highway and visit some of the hidden gem destinations like Hoyo Azul and Coco Bongo.

The average price for a rental in Punta Cana is also quite affordable. Of course, you can always look for a luxury vehicle to rent. But if you plan to drive with family and friends, renting a car is a cheaper option than using ride-hailing apps to get around.

3 Things to Consider Before Renting

Renting in another country can be a novel experience. It’s highly educational and memorable. You may think that they have the same regulation for renting, but each country has different laws you must abide by.

1. The Rental Regulation

A car rental company in Punta Cana will ask for your valid driver’s license and another ID such as a passport. You can use your regular driver’s license or an international one. And if you have a temporary driving license, you can double-check with the rental if they accept the license and your secondary ID.

Even though the minimum age is 21 years old to rent a car in the Dominican Republic, it will be cheaper when you’re above 25. All rentals in the country incur a surcharge for drivers under 25, disregarding vehicle type.  According to viewrentcar.com, drivers under 25 years old count as young drivers and possesses a higher risk of accidents due to negligence and lack of experience.

2. The Driving Regulation

Since the Dominican Republic is also in right-hand traffic, you may not have any difficulties driving there. However, you need to wear a seatbelt when driving. The country also rules that all passengers must wear safety belts.

Reading speed limits in kilometers can take some time to use. But as long as you stay in your lane and are a responsible driver, you will be fine. Another thing you should remember is the country has zero tolerance for distracted driving or even driving under the influence. The maximum alcohol limit to drive is 0.10% or roughly less than a sip.

3. Your Budget

Even though you think it’s cheaper to live in the Dominican Republic, you must still consider your overall budget. It’s more than just about finding which car suits you best, but also which company can serve you well.

Some of the rentals offer mini and economy cars between $23 to $60 per day. And the price also will vary depending on your holiday dates. Be ready to shell out extra money for car rental when you visit during busy months such as March, August, and September.

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Extra Notes

Keep in mind that driving and parking in Punta Cana can be challenging due to how busy it is. Most of the parking lots are either come with a parking meter or paid. You also must be familiar with the area or at least recognize its traffic habit. As you don’t want to spend your time in the traffic. And get your credit cards ready, since most Dominican car rentals also don’t accept debit or traveler’s cheques.

So many things you can see and do in Punta Cana, from bar hopping to exploring museums and nature. And you can maximize your holiday experience by renting a vehicle from car rentals punta cana dominican republic to get around and enjoy the most of your vacation there.