Choosing Reliable Car Rentals in Charlottesville Virginia that Won’t Disappoint You

If you ever need reliable candidates of car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia, you should know that you will never run out of options. The city is basically packed with all kind of professional car rental services, including some of the popular names.

You can expect names, such as Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, and others. With the myriads of options, people who want to gain access to reputable and skilled car rental companies will not have any significant issues.

National Car Rental

The company operates from CHO airport. The counter is located not far from the baggage claim. If you are familiar with National, you’d known that it was established in 1947. It started from 60 locations in America alone to more than 2000 locations (including the international spots) in 2005. Many of the users reviews are positive, stating that the overall experience is nice.

If you have made early booking, you should have no issue picking your car up and dropping it off. Not only it’s smooth, but you may get free extras if your reservation is longer than a week. Expect free upgrades or free extra features with them. If you want to know which car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia can be worth your time, National should be in your list.

Enterprise Car Rental

This is another option of well-known car rental in Charlottesville VA airport. If you often travel with a plane, this rental option can be a very handy choice to move around. One of their biggest forte is their wide fleet collections, perfect for meeting all kinds of budgets. Looking for budget rides and economy cars? They have it. Want to splurge a little with the luxury types? They also have it.

Easy reservation and smooth service is one of the best services related to Enterprise. If you have made early booking, you simply re-confirm your reservation with them and they would be ready when you arrive. In terms of cost, everything is basically affordable. As it was stated before, it depends on your budgets and how much you are willing to spend money. In short, want to have one of the most professional car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia? You should consider the company.

Budget Car Rental

The company is known as one of the most affordable car rental companies that are offering many city cars and economy rides. You have the freedom to choose whatever fleet you want to have, matching everything to your budgets and personal preferences. The fleet comprises of many sedans and minivans, but they also have eco-friendly and compact vehicles. Basically, you can go with commercial rides, trucks, and SUVs, together with other specialty types.

Keep in mind that the rental cost depends on many factors, including your add-ons, rental length, and car types that you choose. One of the biggest perks of using Budget is its flexible arrangement. For instance, you can enjoy flexible cancellation. You are also allowed to pay the service up-front, but then again, it’s up to you with the overall management. The standard price range starts from $40 a day, but it depends on the price arrangement.

Avis Car Rental

Avis originally was designed as a car rental service for premium markets. But as time goes by, the company also caters to other markets. Besides being able to rent Tesla Model Y, Chevy Bolt, or Caddy XT6, you can also rent full size sedans, small sedans, trucks, vans, and convertibles. Basically, you can find various options with the company. Avis is one of the popular options for car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia.

The price range at Avis may be higher than the others; starting off from around $60 a day. Again, it depends on the type of car you choose. If you prepay your booking, you can save up to $2 to even $5 a day for the daily rate. Make use of the company’s promotion offers and unlimited mileage. Veterans and military members can have 25% discounts, while union members can enjoy up to 30%. If you are one of the AARP members, you will get special rates automatically.

Hertz Car Rental

If you are one of those reward and discount hunters, you should consider Hertz as one of your options of car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia. This company is known for their impeccable reward program, known as Gold Plus. The great thing is that it’s completely free and you won’t need to pay a dime. But then, you are able to use the points to redeem free rental offer. You will have to collect points. After 750 points, then you can start redeeming them.

car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia

The cool thing about this program is there is no restriction or limitation, which sets it apart from other loyalty programs. You only need to download the specialized app (called as Hertz Gold). Get free upgrades right away. And if you have additional drivers, you won’t have to pay anything. This is one of the best offers that most car renters love. Who doesn’t like quality fleet with affordable price and tons of reward options?

Renting a Car in Charlottesville

You should know some of these things before you decide to book a car in Charlottesville.

  • If you are traveling by plane, finding various car rental companies at the airport would be a breeze. Whether you are looking for popular names, like Budget, Enterprise, or Dollar, you should be able to find them easily.
  • If you are traveling by train, the car rental services aren’t far from the Amtrak Train Station. Simply walk for 10 minutes, and you can enjoy cheap rental service with impressive service and quality rides.
  • The road setting in Charlottesville is perfect for city ride and urban vehicles instead of the offroad types. The standard types are SUVs, economy cars, and even premium rides. If you want to rent the offroad types, there are some available trails outside the city to explore around.

Final Words

Finding qualified and trusted car rental services in Charlottesville in Virginia isn’t difficult at all. With so many popular options, finding reputable car rentals in Charlottesville Virginia would be a piece of cake.