Car Rental Ontario Airport California Service: How Do You Manage It?

If you want to perform detailed checking at the company’s website, you will see that there are some companies that allow car rental Ontario Airport California arrangements. It usually means that the pickup location would be different from the drop off.

In this case, the pickup location may be from Ontario Airport and then being dropped off in California, or vice versa. It is possible to do such a thing? Will the car rental company be okay with it?

About Fox Rent a Car Service

Before you dig deeper into car rental Ontario Airport California, what should you know about Fox Rent a Car? What makes it different from other names like Budget or Enterprise? Fox was originally set up in 1989 before it was acquired by Europcar in 2019. The French car rental company wants to establish a ‘European’ presence in the US, so they purchased the Fox. Fox gets to retain its name, but with a different management and different administration.

Since its beginning, Fox has wanted to make its service different from the others. That’s why they provide inexpensive service with lower tag price. When compared to other popular names, you will see significant price differences between Fox and the others.

For instance, Fox may establish a price range as low as $40, while others may start from around $60-ish to more than $100. Fox has been known to offer inexpensive service with standard economy rides. Naturally, it’s quite logical considering that the company doesn’t charge high for their fleets.

The One Way Service

If you are looking for a car rental service that can manage car rental Ontario Airport California arrangement, it means that you are in a need of a one way car rental service. As the name suggests, one way service means that you need the (rented) car for one way trip. You pick it up from point A and then drop it off at point B.

If it’s a round trip rental service, you pick it up from point A and then return it to the same exact location. If you are planning to rent it from Ontario Airport and then drop it off in California, it means that you are looking for a one way rental service, and it’s possible to manage.

The Car Rental Service at Ontario Airport

Can you easily find reliable and trusted car rental companies at Ontario Airport? Sure, you can! In fact, there are a lot of options that you can go through, giving you the flexibility as well as the freedom to manage your bookings. If you are interested in using Fox Rent a Car, then you are in luck because they are also operating there. But if you have other options, other companies are also operating there, such as Enterprise, Budget, Avis, and other popular names in the car rental sector.

If you are interested in using Fox car rental Ontario Airport, you will have to use a special shuttle to reach its office. The office won’t be located right within the airport, but it’s still within the vicinity. You will have to go out from the airport building. Ask your way around for Fox shuttle. The staff will guide you to the right direction.

Take the shuttle and it will take you to the office, where you can manage your bookings. The shuttle runs once in 10 minutes so there is no need to worry that you will have to wait long or you miss out a ride.

Rent a Car in Canada, Dropping off in the US

As we have stated before, the arrangement for car rental Ontario Airport California means that you will pick the car up in Canada and then drop it off in the US. The question is: Is it okay to do so? You might be surprised to find out that one way rental service has been applied almost anywhere. It’s not only applied in the North American territory, but it has been applied in Europe and even Africa. Such a way is possible, but it depends on the car rental company.

Some companies don’t allow one way rental crossing the border. They only allow one way service within the same region or country. Others, however, don’t really mind with one way rental across different countries, as long as the renters are willing to deal with the costs and fees, and they follow the rules when it comes to picking up and dropping off.

So, if you are traveling from America to Canada, or from Canada to America, most of the car rental companies won’t mind at all. However, it may be a different case when you want to cross to Mexico. Some car rental companies in America may allow crossing the border to Mexico and drop the car there. However, the majority of car rental companies in Canada don’t allow such a thing.

Car Rental Ontario Airport California

If you are thinking about managing car rental Ontario Airport California service, it’s still doable. Enterprise, for instance, accommodates such a need. You can even manage a schedule for the drop off and the pick up. However, you should know some of these things about one way car rental service:

  • When you drop the car off in a different location, you may be charged the extra fee. Known as the return fee, it can be quite hefty, but in the overall sense, it may still be lower than the round trip overall cost. Some companies don’t charge the return fee, but most of them do. Be sure to contact them to find out about the overall cost of the fee.
  • You need to inform the company that you are going to cross the border for your one way rent. Most of them won’t mind, but they need you to provide the information so they can be prepared. They don’t appreciate you hiding the facts that you will drop it off in another country without letting them know first.

Final Words

Basically, most car rental companies are offering easiness and flexibility. But you will have to be frank and honest about your trip. You can manage car rental Ontario Airport California service provided that you have informed them first before you make the reservation.