Some of The Most Reliable and Trusted Car Rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands

If you are thinking about managing reliable car rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, you should know that your options are limitless. The island is unique and gorgeous, and being able to be on your own and explore the place is a heavenly experience.

You should know that the Virgin Islands is the only place in America that have costs facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so it’s known for the marvelous beaches. Freedom and independence are priceless, so it’s logical if you want to explore the place alone and explore the exciting spots.

Discount Car Rental

It seems that the company is able to offer impeccable service and almost perfect performance. It’s one of the solid car rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands that has perfect performance. It has 5 rating rate from 143 reviews. Many commend the quality service. And the fact that they always get super clean cars is another reason why this company is liked by a lot of people.

The service is smooth and friendly. Everything is professionally managed. Expect to find perfect experience from the moment you make the bookings to the drop off process. Whereas other car rental companies often mix up the order (so you somehow experience delay during the pick up), such a thing won’t happen with Discount.

They make sure that they provide the required information and they are ready with the documentation. They also make sure that you will get the models you want and they have been thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Rest assured that you are in a good hand with Discount.

Paradise Car Rental

If you want to have a reliable vehicle option when exploring a tropical island, then Paradise has the right fleet for you. As one of the reliable car rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, the company has strong fleet and tough rides that will get you places.

You should be able to reach your destinations effectively and fast without any problem. Some people said that the seats and many of the upholstery are stained with sea salt, but the cars are all clean and comfortable. They aren’t complaining. They simply state a fact that you shouldn’t expect too much from the company. Don’t expect too perfect vehicles.

In terms of service, the company is able to deliver very good and reliable quality. The staff is friendly and also helpful. They are also able to provide good service with smooth outcome and fast response time. The rates are also good. They are logically set without compromising the quality service. What’s important is that it won’t put a hole in your pocket.

Dependable Car Rental

As one of the most popular car rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, the company is able to provide a combined service of reliable fleet, friendly service, and logical rates. In terms of fleet, you can’t really expect them to provide perfect and flawless vehicles. Some of the models may be old, but they work quite well and they are reliable. They can get you to your destinations quite effectively and comfortably.

The rates are affordable. When compared to car rental services in other parts of the US, the rates may be lower. You can enjoy the service. You can even get discounts when you rent a vehicle longer than 4 or 5 days. The company is able to manage complaints quite well.

They respond quite nicely to complaints. They don’t even hesitate when they have to refund money because of the cars not working or not as clients have expected. They don’t doubt to swap cars either, especially if the ones they have provided aren’t working well. In an overall sense, you can trust this one to get you around the place conveniently.

My Car Rental VI

If you want to have an easy access to a car rental company while in the Virgin Islands, this one would be helpful. They have reliable fleets and different car models. You can find the information about the available models on their official website. Their Compact model (like Toyota Yaris) is able to deliver convenient performance. If you want to go higher, there is the Intermediate model (Nissan Versa) or the Small SUV (Jeep Renegade).

They also provide the information about the price range on the web. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the economy car rental St. Thomas. You can make calculation on your own to determine the overall cost of your rental costs. It’s advisable that you contact the company’s representative if you really want to have a clearer idea of how much to spend.

Moreover, find out the details of the booking, pick up, and drop off if you really want to get the best from the entire experience. Many people have stated that they are quite happy and satisfied with the company.

360 Car Rental

Many satisfied customers said that 360 Car Rental is one of the best car rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Not only they make sure that you get the model you want, but you won’t have to deal with exorbitant prices either. The fleets are new, clean, and reliable.

Forget about the old, worn, or ragged vehicles because they won’t do it to you. You can expect new Jeep that will get you around the island just conveniently and comfortably. They can manage a drop off, where they will deliver the car to you as soon as you land at the airport.

Trusted Car Rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands

A lot of people claimed that the overall process is convenient; even pleasant and fun. Booking is easy, especially if you contact the customer representative to learn the details of the service. If you need to pick the vehicle up or drop it off, everything is still easy and smooth.

The staff is friendly and they can even give you tips of where to go or what to do. It’s a truly pleasant time to work together with this company, as many travelers claimed that they will definitely be back again.


St. Thomas can provide a unique experience when traveling, but you need to be sure that you are in the right hands. With these reliable options of car rental in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, you can enjoy great times without having to worry about a thing!