Car Rental in Salem Oregon: What Companies Are Available There?

If you have a plan to travel to Salem in Oregon, you should know the list of the available car rental in Salem Oregon. By the time you arrive there and you are in a need of a good hand, you know exactly where to go. Salem is the capital city of Oregon, and it’s popular for its many gardens. If you are into nature and beautiful gardens, you may be thinking about exploring those gardens.

You can literally find all kinds of gardens there, from private gardens to public gardens and even museum. You won’t be able to explore the area without the proper transportation, so it’s imperative to know which rental companies are considered the best for your travel.

Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise has been known as this reliable brand that won’t disappoint you. Their rates may be higher than the general rates from other car rental companies, but their service and performance are definitely excellent. Enterprise is one of the popular car rental in Salem Oregon, so finding one of their offices should be easy.

If you check the company’s reviews, you will see that many people are happy with their quality service. It’s true that the price may be higher than the regular rates, but most of their clients don’t mind because they know that they are getting quality service. The fleet is ready upon pick up, and all of them are being cleaned thoroughly.

In fact, in terms of cleanliness and comfort, Enterprise gets a good ratings of 8.3. The process to pick up and drop off is also smooth and efficient. Don’t underestimate this process because most people hate it when they have to wait for hours just to get their car ready or to drop it off. If you really want to get the best service that is worth your money, Enterprise can be a good option to start.

Withnell Car Rental

This is one of the local names in Salem. Taken from the name of the owner, the car rental company has been around for more than 30 years, starting off in 1990. Withnell family has been running the company, making sure that they can deliver satisfying outcome. What’s interesting that Withnell isn’t only a car rental service, but it’s also a car wash. It also caters to car sales. Talk about having a comprehensive service!

The company is offering passenger vehicle as well as vans. They want to make sure that everyone can gain access to their service without having to dig deeper into their pockets. As one of the popular car rental in Salem Oregon, the company has its own fleet collections. When compared to other car rental companies, their fleet may not be abundant, but they have enough coverage.

Whether you need a vehicle for business, leisure, or just to travel around the city, they are able to cater to your needs. Many of the locals have become the loyal customers, stating that they like the friendly service and assistance. They also like the availability of fleet and the affordable price range. If you want to have a taste of a local service, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to Withnell.

Hertz Car Rental

Hertz is another popular name in the car rental industry, so it’s only logical if it’s included in the list of popular car rental in Salem Oregon. They have various types of vehicle models, so finding out which one perfect for your travel would be a breeze. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, stay with the economy or compact ride. Also make sure that you book early first before coming to the counter. If you haven’t made any booking first, be ready to deal with a rather long and lengthy process.

In terms of cleanliness, the company has impressive service. The cars smell good and they are squeaky clean. But then again, the pick up and drop off process can be lengthy, up to a uncomfortable level. The staff is friendly, but that’s about it. But in an overall sense, Hertz is a good company with a pretty good fleet and nice service. Rates are pretty okay too. Just don’t expect them to be 100% perfect and you won’t be deeply disappointed.

Dollar Car Rental

This is another popular name in the industry. If you want a comprehensive fleet without having to deal with hefty price tag, then Dollar would be a good option. Locals as well as travelers would manage their rent in this company as it’s one of the well-known  car rental in Salem Oregon. Many like the affordable rates. Even when you rent a big vehicle, it would cost similar to other companies with their compact or economy fleet. So, it’s like having a good bargain for your car rental needs.

Car Rental in Salem Oregon

The overall process is also convenient and easy. When you already reserve your vehicle, picking it up would be easy. The process doesn’t take a long time to complete. The same thing also applies for the drop off. Rates are affordable and logical, worth the entire process and experience.

Many of the users love the availability of the cars and also their cleanliness. The overall process is comfortable with friendly and helpful staff. In fact, this company has been associated with low price, dubbed as one of the cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon. You should consider renting a vehicle from them if you want to enjoy a worthy experience.

Final Words

As the capital city of Oregon, it’s quite understandable if Salem offers a lot of interesting places to explore and visit. Although you can always count on the public transportation, renting a car does have its perks. You can easily go to places that aren’t accessible by the public transportation. Whether you decide to rent a car or not, rest assured that everything would be easy and convenient.

With so many different options of the providers, you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding the perfect service to accommodate your needs. In short, you always have options and flexibilities when managing the car rental in Salem Oregon.