Managing A Car Rental from Lisbon To Porto: How To Deal with One-Way Trip

When you are traveling in Portugal, knowing which car rental from Lisbon to Porto can really help you find your way around. Car rentals are generally abundant in Portugal, but finding the one that can meet your requirements and your needs can be a challenge.

That’s why it would be a good idea to do your comprehensive research before going off on a trip. Portugal can provide an exciting experience for traveling, but everything would be useless if you are stuck in a location and you can’t find a convenient way to travel around.

The One-Way Trip

Before you explore your options of car rental from Lisbon to Porto, you should know that there are two general ways to rent a vehicle. They are one-way rental service and round trip service. The first one is when you pick your vehicle from one office and then drop it off in another different office. The latter refers to the system where you pick the car from one office and then return it to the same exact office.

Those who want to travel to different locations, or even countries, often make use of the one-way rental service. So, when you hear things like car rental from Lisbon to Porto, it likely means that you are going to rent the vehicle in Lisbon and then drop it off in Porto, or vice versa, you are renting a car in Porto Portugal then drop it off in Lisbon.

There are different reasons why travelers like the one-way service. First, it saves them a lot of money. Imagine this: You arrive in Portugal through Lisbon airport. From Lisbon, you want to travel to Porto. After spending 4 to 5 days on the road, you finally arrive in Porto. From there, you can easily go back home from Porto airport. Imagine how much money you will have to spend when you must return the car to Lisbon. And imagine how much time and efforts spent for this matter.

Second, with the one-way trip, travelers can enjoy efficient travel without being burdened with small things. They can easily enjoy the view, the quality trip with loved ones, and the entire experience without having to worry about the extra spending or the extra fuss of returning the vehicle to the original place. It’s the little things that matter.

Things to Know about One-Way Rental Service

The one-way trip seems like an ideal way to travel around, but there are some crucial things that you need to seriously consider. Before you reserve car rental from Lisbon to Porto service, be sure to know about these things before making any reservation.

First of all, you will have to face a return fee when you choose the one-way rental service. It’s basically logical and reasonable because the rental company needs to pick their fleet up and they need money to do so. The return fee isn’t cheap. However, it’s cheaper than having to spend money for a round trip system, so most travelers don’t really mind.

Second, you will have to check with each rental company. Although most companies are okay with the one-way system, some don’t allow such a thing. These companies only offer round trip system, which means that you can pick your car up and then you must drop it off within the same location. It depends on each company’s policies and regulations.

Some companies allow one-way rental service within the same country only, even when you are traveling to a different state or city. So, when you are from Lisbon and you drop the car off in Evora, you can manage it easily. Some companies may allow one-way system across countries. It means that you can travel from Portugal to Spain, for instance. However, not all companies allow such a thing. They only allow one-way trip within the country, without having to cross the border.

Third, even when companies allow the one-way trip across countries, don’t forget about the cost. A return fee across cities can cost you between €50 and €150. If it’s for across countries, it can go up to more; able to reach €1000.

The Overall General Cost

If you want to manage car rental from Lisbon to Porto service, make sure that you have made a comprehensive comparison about everything, from the service to the price. For instance, the standard return fee (for within the same country) from Avis and Budget is around €70, while Europcar is around €84 and Sixt is around €89.Hertz is €110, while Enterprise is €150.

If it’s for across the border, the return fee may double or even triple. However, some travelers have provided this tips where you can generally save up money even when you have to cross the border. You can switch the car when you are about to cross the border. Let’s say that you rent from Avis. Drive the car to Avis’ location that is closest to the border. After that, you can cross the border (with a taxi or another way). After you cross the border, you can rent the new car from the closest car rental company.

car rental from Lisbon to Porto

This tip may take you more efforts and also extra time, but you can generally save quite a lot. Let’s say that you want to drive from Lisbon to Barcelona. If you are driving straight, the drop off fee would be €490 (from Avis). If you reserve with two separate car rental companies, the drop off fee may be €140 to 150 – saving you around €350. Quite a lot, eh?

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Final Words

In the end, the one-way trip is convenient, but if you are very conscious about your budget, you should plan it out carefully. Are you okay with the straight rental system that may cost you up to €1000 or are you willing to do some extra efforts for separate car rental services?

There is no right or wrong, but you need to plan it out thoroughly and carefully if you want to get the best benefits of your car rental system. Having a one-way trip with car rental from Lisbon to Porto is possible, but make sure that you do it carefully.