Can You Rent a Car with Temporary License?

Can you rent a car with temporary license? Thankfully most of rental companies accept temporary license, but they may ask for additional documents or IDs. Temporary driver license can be obtained when you don’t have physical license for whatever reasons. For example, you forget to bring one and you are outside the state, it slipped out at office or you accidently leave it somewhere and when you try to get back to that place, it is already gone.

If all these happen, then there are some solutions that you can get so you might still be able to rent a car without physic license. Especially in this modern day where technology can help you to check for an online driver license or make a temporary one.

What if you don’t have either physical or temporary license? In another case, some people don’t have valid license since they didn’t pass the test. If this happen to you then sorry, you might not be able to rent a car. It is because documents and traffic rules are standard things for you to drive a car.

While you probably sometimes can get away without credit card or additional identification forms, depending on the rental company terms and conditions, however you almost always need a physical or at least temporary license. This is a proof that you have legal driver license. In other words, if you rent a car without driving license meaning you drive it illegally.

In conclusion, whether can you rent a car with temporary license then mostly yes and most car rental agencies won’t prevent you from getting a car just because you only have temporary license.

Can you rent a car with temporary license? How to Get One?

How to get a Temporary License
How to get a Temporary License

To get temporary license there are several things you should do. First, you need to visit your department of motor vehicle (DMV) directly. This is the most reasonable way for you to do when you don’t have physical license because of any reasons. Since when they cannot replace your physical driver license immediately that day, then they will likely give you temporary license so you can use it as temporal proof.

That’s why can you rent a car with a temporary license for a driver? Then the answer is yes if meet their standard requirements and you bring temporary license. Examples of additional documents or requirements such as:

  • Proof that you already met the age requirement to drive a car, typically you need to be in certain age like 21 or 25 years old.
  • Additional documents like passport, ID card or another form of identification required by the rental agencies.
  • Credit card statement which includes information like your current address and statement of your name.
  • If you are non-US resident or you rent a car in abroad then you may need international driving permit.

Besides those additional documents, they will make sure you have clean driving history. Common criteria as follows:

  • No criminal record using cars or other vehicles to do some crimes
  • No reckless driving conviction at least in the past 3 years
  • No history of accidents at least in the past 3 years
  • No road violations like parking or seat belt violations at least in the past 2 years
  • No DUI or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Solutions when you don’t have either physical or temporary license

Solutions when you don’t have either physical or temporary license
Solutions when you don’t have either physical or temporary license

Some companies are really strict in terms of having physical or temporary license to rent their car, while others are not. So, what you should do when you want to rent a car without license at all?

  • Try to access your digital license online

Can you rent a car with digital license? This is up to the car rental company at whether they accept digital license, since some rental only accept physical proof. But it is worth it to try and ask them whether they accept digital license if you lost your physical license.

To access your digital license, you can try to visit your driver and vehicle licensing agency or department of motor vehicle website. After that just fill the required details, usually they will ask your national insurance, driving license number and postcode of your license. When you finish all the required details, you can share your digital license including your driving history or record.

So, when you lost your physical license, ask the company first whether they can accept digital one.

  • Share a picture of your physical or temporary license

Can you rent a car with a picture of your license? Yes and no since it is all depend on the rental company whether they will accept that kind of proof. That’s why we suggest that you always backup vital information on your phone, computer, cloud, etc. It is a great way to ensure you have an alternative way to rent a car when you lost your driving license.

You can bring your driver license pictures or scanned copy to the rental company and ask them first whether they accept such proof.

  • Provide other additional identification

If the rental company is willing to make an exception for you to rent their car without physical/temporary license and when you able to convince them that you have lost your driver license, then usually you will need another form of identification cards. Some of additional identification you can provide such as military ID, passport, library or membership card and passport. The ID is preferably had a picture on it.

If you don’t have any of these ID cards on hand then you can provide a scanned copy one. And once again this is why we recommend you to always have a backup of your important ID documents on your phone, Google drive or cloud storage.

  • File a police report

The last way you can do if the rental company can’t accept other documents, then you may need to file a police report. In case your license got stolen or lost. It is because most of the rental agencies or companies won’t allow you to rent their vehicle if you don’t have license. But they might finally give you an access if you have a proof of police report in hand.

It is very troublesome, we know, but this might be your last resort to rent a car. You need to head to the nearest police station then make an official report. Ask the police for a report and give them explanation why you need it desperately. Tell them what happened and why you lost your physical license. By getting police report, you can get temporary license easier as well.

It probably will take some time for the police to accept and agree to give you official report but it will help you continue your trip and plans.

Final words

So, can you rent a car with temporary license? Then yes as long as you can provide proof of your physical temporary license and additional required documents.