Budget Rental Cars New Zealand Affordable and Easy

If you want to search for affordable car to rent with price that is more suitable with your budget then you need to go to Budget Rental Cars New Zealand. This company provides cars from various brands and model so you can find one that suit your preference.

How to Rent from Budget Rental Cars New Zealand

If you want to rent a car from this company then the first thing that you need to do is to sign up on their website then you will get a customer ID. After you get the number then it is time to search for your car.

Input the pick-up location that you need along with other information such as the date for pick-up and return, car class, age, and any other corporate account or discount code that you might have then click to find your car.

Afterwards you will see wide selection of cars provided by the company according to the information that you have input before. If you want, you can also filter the result further by selecting the car model, mileage, available seat number, and the price range.

Budget Rental Cars New Zealand Process

You can scroll down the result and find the one that you are interested to rent. After you decide to select one of them then you will get option to pay the car now or pay it later at the counter.

If you pay the car now then you will get discount because you pay for the car upfront. However, you need to remember that the reservation itself is non-returnable. This mean if something happen in the future that makes you cannot pick-up the car for any reason then you would not get your money back.

If you decide to pay it later at the counter then it will be a little bit more expensive than the previous option. However, this will give you flexibility to cancel your reservation before check-ins if you need it. That way, you would not lose all of the money you use to book the car.

There is another option offered by Budget Rental Cars New Zealand which is to get something extra for your car rent. Some of the options are vehicle protections, insurance and various add-on for your car such as safety seat for children, fuel plans, GPS and many others.

Once you are done selecting all of the extra things you want for your car then you will go to the final process where you can input various other information such as optional flight details, payment details and many other. Once you give them the information then the reservation process is complete.

Requirements to Rent a Car from Budget

Budget Rental Cars New Zealand Requirements

  • Age Requirements

Since you will be renting the car in New Zealand then you need to follow the minimum age which is 21 years old. Remember that young driver will also get surcharge when you rent your car. You can check if there is a surcharge when you want to book the car.

  • Driver’s license

If you want to be able to drive in New Zealand then you need to have appropriate, valid, current and full driver license. So, you need to show that license when you want to rent the car. If you have restricted, provisional or learner driver license then you will not be able to rent the car.

Furthermore Budget Rental Cars New Zealand also will not accept a digital license for Australian driver. So make sure to bring your physical license when picking up the car.

The pink issued driver licenses for New Zealand which result of special condition such as disqualification or suspension also will not be accepted for renting. But if you do not have your driver’s license because it is stolen and you are still waiting for it to be replaced then you can go to NZTA driver licensing to get your temporary driver’s license. This temporary driver license can be used to rent the car.

  • International driver’s license

When the driver’s license you have use other language than English then you need to have international driver’s license as translation. This international driver’s license should be issued according to the road traffic convention from UN. Remember that you need to bring both your local driver’s license as well as the international driver’s license together during the pick-up time.

  • Payment

When you pick up the car, then you also need to present valid debit or credit card which also under the name of the driver. Budget Rental Cars New Zealand may charge you with pre-authorization charges when you pick up the car. The amount of this pre-authorization charges can go up to $200 NZD.

The final charges itself will then be process when you drop off the car. The agent will calculate all of the fees from your rent. If any portion from the pre-authorization charges is unused then it will be released back to your account.

Should You Get Insurance When Renting From Budget?

You might wonder whether you should get the insurance coverage offered by the company or not. It will depends whether your credit card company also offer secondary or primary rental car insurance. These two insurance type is different as it will also cover different things such as:

  • Secondary insurance

This insurance will only cover things that will not be covered by your personal insurance. So, when you have accident on the rental car then you need to first claim it to your personal insurance company as well as paying the deductible. Only then the secondary insurance will cover the rest that is not be covered by your personal insurance.

  • Primary insurance

This insurance work the opposite way than the first insurance type. It will actually work first before your personal insurance company. That way you do not have to inform your personal insurance company which can potentially increase your insurance premium when you get an accident.

Furthermore, primary insurance usually also cover more things compared to secondary insurance. In fact it can even cover all of the cost of your rental car including cost from fire, flood or theft.

As you can see renting a car from Budget Rental Cars New Zealand is very easy. All you have to do is to pick and decide which insurance that you want.