The Detailed Service At Budget Rental Car Charlottesville VA

If you live in Charlottesville, Virginia, or you are traveling to the place, you will need to know the comprehensive details about Budget rental car Charlottesville VA. Even if you have been familiar with Budget, you do realize that different location may have different policies and regulations. Familiarizing yourself with how the system works can really be helpful.

The Reason to Rent a Car from Budget

Everyone knows that Budget offers impressive service and a vast vehicle fleet. The company has 7.1 has their customer rating, with the waiting time in average is around 25 minutes. These numbers alone mean that you should have no problem managing your rental effectively while still enjoying first class joy-ride.

When compared to other car rental companies, the rates at Budget is pretty affordable – if not cheap. Expect to find an affordable rate as low as $41 a day or around $217 a week. Yes, that’s the airport rates. It’s quite low, right? If you search other airport locations, the rates can be as twice high as this one.

You can manage your booking online at Budget rental car Charlottesville VA. The online system even provide filters feature so you can choose your own equipment, fuel policy, and other extras easily. You can get all of these with the best deal arrangement possible.

Managing your booking doesn’t have to be done in the company’s official website. You can go to the third party providers or services to have your booking managed and arranged. Many of these providers have the same things: search feature, traveling date, deal comparison, and others. They also come with their own catalogue, complete with each car’s specification. With different car collections, you have tons of options.

What’s Special about Charlottesville Airport?

In this Budget rental car Charlottesville VA airport, they are offering high quality cars and service but with affordable price range. If you have reserved the vehicle, you can expect fast pick up or drop off steps. The procedures are pretty straightforward and smooth.

The cars are coming in various options and you can choose the extra add-ons that you like. Moreover, they also have impressive loyalty programs with different ranges of discounts. Because of these perks, Budget is able to stand out among the others. And at CHO airport, you can start your hassle-free trip within the (rental) car that you have chosen.

How about can I switch my rental car budget? Even if you have managed the booking beforehand, you can still swap the car with something else. It can also happen at CHO. You should reach out to the company’s representative and have it arranged. Provide logical reasons to make the process go easier. It would be help if you have notified them a day before the swap so they can check into your record and make it faster.

Keep in mind, though, that it depends on availability. If the car that you want isn’t available, it’s possible that you will have to stick with the car that is currently provided for you. But if the car is available, then you can ride off with the new one. Can they refuse your swap request? Of course, especially if you can’t provide logical explanation or reason.

Types of Services

What kind of service can you expect at Budget rental car Charlottesville VA? The main services include:

  • Short term rental. This is one of the most popular rental options that include rental length up to a month.
  • Long term rental. Need a ride for longer time; probably up to 3 to 6 months? This service can give you a time length up to 11 months. You can enjoy discounted rates with this service.
  • Group rental. Need five vehicles at a time? Or even more? You can manage a group rental for important events, such as conference, wedding, or family reunion.
  • One way rental. Many of Budget establishments can offer one way rental with the exchange of extra spending. You only need to reach out to their representative.

Vehicle Options

Car fleet collections are one of the reasons why people choose the rental company. Budget at CHO can offer:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Compact and economy cars
  • Crossovers
  • Midsize ad also full size sedans
  • Sports cars
  • Pickup trucks and SUVs, both for full size and midsize type
  • Luxury SUVs, crossovers, and cars
  • Passenger vans and minivans

The company even provides the so-called Budget Truck for those in need of box trucks. These box trucks are available in different sizes and dimensions. So, there’s basically enough option for everyone.

The Reward Program

Just like other programs, Budget also has its own reward program, named Fastbreak. The specialty of this program is to skip the check in processing during the drop off or the pickup. It can come in handy during high peak season when tons of people are eager to travel. Can you get Fastbreak service at Budget rental car Charlottesville VA? Sure you can.

Fastbreak service at Budget rental car

As a member, you have the right to Budget Bucks feature. If you have made two qualifying rentals, you can get 25 (Budget) bucks, similar to a paid day, at least. Let’s say that you have completed 6 different rental booking within one year, you will get 75 bucks. You can use this balance to pay off your rentals in the future. However, you can’t use the service for Pay Now reservations because they aren’t included in the program.

The decision to join the membership program is totally up to you. It’s a worthy program if you are a frequent renter. But even if you aren’t, you can still enjoy the hassle-free procedures. Skipping the long wait at the counter can really help you save up time and patience. Simply upload your crucial documents within the member’s profile and you won’t have to wait long in the lines anymore.

Final Words

If you often come to Charlottesville in Virginia, knowing how to access the car rental service at CHO airport can be handy. You should know the details of Budget rental car Charlottesville VA service, you should be able to make the best advantage of them.