Some of the Best UK Car Rental Company Whose Service Won’t Disappoint You

Whether you are traveling to the UK or you are considering about living there, knowing the best UK car rental company can really make a difference. If you drive, you’d know that you are going to rent a vehicle in one point of your life. It can be for leisure. It can be for work or business.

But people who drive has at least rented a vehicle. If you live in the UK, it’s only logical to know some of the most reliable and trusted UK car rental companies list so you know your options. Some of these names may have been familiar and popular, while the others are still considered new. But we only provide the best and the trusted companies, so no need to worry about it.

Alamo Car Rental

This company is considered one of the best UK car rental company although it is an American-based service. You can find Alamo in many places, especially at airports and major cities. Alamo may not be hugely popular in the UK (although it is in the home based, the US), but the company’s quality service has spoken volumes of their performance and quality. In fact, the company gets a pretty good rating star from clients.

You should keep in mind that Alamo is operating under Europcar. Europcar itself has been a good name in the industry. They share similar umbrella although with a slightly different management and administration. One of the good things about this company is the booking process, which is quite simple and straightforward.

In terms of cleanliness and fleet, all vehicle models are the same. They are clean. The rates are affordable although you are highly advised to read the contract. The overall process for picking up and dropping off is nice and smooth.

Europcar Car Rental

This is a company that is well-known for its elegant fleet, suitable for business and professional needs. If you run a business or you are a self-employed individual trying to catch some working opportunities while making yourself look presentable, this is the perfect company to do so. They can offer affordable and fixed cost while offering you flexibility and easiness at the same time. A lot of people say that this is also a great company for budget-conscious clients.

As one of the best UK car rental company, Europcar can also provide a lease or even purchasing vehicle, depending on your personal or business needs. They have the so-called Duoflex, Flex, and even Superflex options, giving you the help and assistance you need. One way to manage an affordable and low-cost rent is to make early bookings.

Sure, you can always manage everything at the counter, but counter price will also apply if you are doing this. And the rates are usually higher than doing the early booking. So, if you don’t want to end up spending more money than what you have planned, it’s better to book everything early.

Sixt Car Rental

Want to rent newer cars without having to spend a fortune? Then you should go to Sixt and manage your rent. When compared to these names, Sixt car rental is a relatively new company. But it doesn’t mean that they are lousy or lame. In fact, they manage to be one of the best UK car rental company because they can offer newer cars with higher quality fleet without sacrificing service or performance.

Sixt is basically a German car rental company, which may meet your requirements over European vehicle. Their fleet consists of German auto makers (well, mostly) or the ones made by VW Audi Group, including SEAT and Skoda. You can find other brands, but their numbers are pretty limited. If you want to drive the newest models with well-presented appearance, Sixt is the perfect option. They even offer attractive rental options, such as Mystery Premium or Lucky Dip.

Dollar Car Rental

This is another name that is associated with good quality. You can get good economy ride (and a clean one too!) without hurting your wallet. A lot of people are quite satisfied with Dollar, stating that the customer service is good and the fleet is nice. However, the drop off process can be tedious and slow. If you are in a hurry, it’s not advisable that you drop it off in the last minutes. But for an overall quality service, Dollar is able to provide good service with affordable rates.

Firefly Car Rental

Just like Sixt, Firefly is a considerably new company that is only a few years older than Sixt. Firefly is owned by Hertz, so you can imagine the quality service within the same management. One of the reasons why it’s considered one of the best UK car rental company is because of the low cost rent.

best UK car rental company

They have a pretty extensive fleet, offering various models and types for different budgets. You can find minivans, SUVs, economy rides, sedans, or even full size vehicle easily. Whether you need the vehicle for a short time trip or the long term rent, they are able to accommodate your needs.

Many customers are happy with Firefly because they have impeccable cleanliness for all of their fleet. Their rental desk service is very good and friendly. The entire process for picking up and also dropping off is just marvelous. Everything is smooth and nice.

If you have managed an early reservation, the process can even go faster and easier. In short, Firefly is a good option when you want to have reliable fleet. Not to mention that it’s easily found in many locations in the UK.

Final Words

There are so many professional companies with impressive fleet in the UK, but not many of them are able to deliver satisfying performance and quality service. These are some of the companies that have been proven not only to be the best, but also reliable and affordable.

Of course, feel free to do your own research and search. But in case you are in a hurry and you want to know some of the options for the best UK car rental company, you know some of the candidates.