Best Rental Car Company Maui

Maui is very beautiful island as it has a lot of tourist destination that you can visit. That may be why you want to rent a car in Maui. If that is what you want to do then you need to know the best rental car company Maui.

Best Rental Car Company Maui List

  • Enterprise

A popular company where you can rent a car from. You can find a lot of pick up locations spread all a across the island. Furthermore, it is very easy to book your ride and the picking up process can be complete in no time. You do not need to wait for them to process the car for you.

Furthermore, Enterprise also well known for their customer service which very hopeful. However, it is important to note that their price might be above the average especially compared to local companies.

  • Resort cars

You should know that some resort actually also offer some cars to rent. You can make use this service when you want to rent only for short term or even a few day. However, it is important to note that the price they offer is more expensive compared to other local rental companies. But if you are still interested you can try to check if your resort provide this service.

  • Discount Hawaii Car Rental

This is a platform that you can use to find cars provided by various local and national companies that provide their service in Hawaii. That means you can use this platform to compare their prices and find the best price. They offer no booking fee and no penalties for cancellation so you can keep finding the best deal until you pick up the car.

  • Alamo

Another national car rental company that also have a few locations in the island. They have good customer service and their price is not as high as Enterprise. The company also have loyalty program for those who travel frequently.

Through the program you will get several perks such as accelerated check ins. With this feature you can provide your driver’s license and contact information beforehand. That way you will spend less time waiting them to process the car when you pick it up. If you do not want to join this program you can also use the self-service kiosk that they offer and process everything yourself.

  • Sixt

Best Rental Car Company Maui List

If you want to rent a car in the Airport then Sixt has a location nearby that you can reach within minutes. They also have wide selection of cars to offer from convertibles to large size vehicles.

However, their office does not open at the same hour as the other rental place. So, make sure that the office is open when you arrive. And you also need to make sure that their office open when you drop off the car if you need to see an agent.

  • Kimo Rent A Car

This company have very competitive pricing as they offer both new and older models. That way, you can find newer car that have features that you need or you can choose older cars that are cheaper.

The best thing is you can actually pre-schedule the pick up so you can do it right when you arrive in the airport. This means you do not need to worry whether the car will be available to pick-up or not when you arrive.

  • Dollar Car Rental

This best rental car company Maui can provide mid to average range car with great price. While that means you will not get fancy ride to take but at least you can save a lot of money when renting from this company.

Their staff is very friendly and work really fast so the pickup process also pretty quick. But because of the low price offer this company is very popular and you might find longer lines in the counter.

  • Kihei Rent A Car

As a local family run rental car this company offered affordable pricing for their cars. They are located in south shore of the island in Kihei. So you can reach their pick up location easily. If you are someone who pride themselves in supporting local business then this company is your go to.

  • Thrify

For those that want a low budget car then this company is the one to use. They have reward program that can give you good deals as well. They have good service and their pick up process also very fast. However their customer service is still lacking compared to the other company.

There is deal called wildcard special on this company which said to give you free upgrade when you pick up the car with similar price as compact car. But a lot of people said that the car is not high end as what people expect it to be.

  • TURO

Another platform that you can try to use if you want to find P2P cars. In this platform you will be renting directly from the car owner instead of a company. So the pricing that they offer is really affordable.

Furthermore, they also offered various cars from economic cars to luxurious cars. You can contact the car owner and set meet up to pick the car. If you are lucky some of the car owner even willing to bring their car to the airport.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car

Best Rental Car Company Maui Things to Consider When Renting a Car

  • Parking

There are a lot tourist that coming to of Maui island each years so you can imagine how packed the parking would be. Furthermore, the packing space is pretty small so it is better to rent a compact car.

  • Gas pricing

The gas pricing in Hawaii is known to be above the national average. So if you want to save money find car with best gas mileage.

  • Street sizes

The streets in Maui is small and narrow especially in towns like Paia, Makawo and Lahaina. Try to get compact car if you can since driving large SUV means you need to be more alert.

As you can see there are a few best rental car company Maui that you can use. Try to find suitable car so it is easier to use.