Best Car Rentals in New Zealand

You need to know best car rentals in New Zealand when visiting the area. Especially since the area is very hard to get around if you do not have any vehicle. But since New Zealand is very beautiful country a lot of people still visit it nevertheless.

Best Car Rentals in New Zealand List

  • Bargain Rental Cars

If you want to rent a car with very affordable price, then Bargain Rental Cars is the one you need to go to. They have very competitive price and they even offered guarantee for best price.

Furthermore, they also have a lot of locations where you can pick up the car from which very easy to reach. But as always, the airport locations will charge higher fee compared to the other location. They also allows for young drivers if you need it.

  • Snap Rentals

If you are young traveler who need to rent a car with budget friendly rates then you should go to Snap Rentals. They are very open to young drivers as they also featured as one of the best car rental company who rent car to younger driver.

They even allows you to rent a car with restricted license. This is very important especially when you want to rent a car with a permit. Of course, there will be some term and condition so check with the company first if you can rent.

  • Ezi Car Rental

Best Car Rentals in New Zealand Ezi Car Rental

This company has a lot of cars to offer you, in fact they have over 1,800 cars that you can choose from. The best thing is most of their cars are new models so you will only find a few older model.

So if you want to rent something that is reliable and do not mind the extra rate that they ask then you should find Ezi Car Rental. Most of their locations are in airports so it is very easy to pick up your car.

  • Ace Rental Cars

For general best car rentals in New Zealand renter you can try to use Ace Rental Cars. They offer both older model to newer model for rent. So you can easily find a car that suitable with your need such as fuel efficiency and reliability.

However, you should know that they do not allows you to bring the car to cross the south island and verse versa. So if you need to travel in between the islands then you need to rent from separate locations.

  • Go Rentals

If you want a company which easy to found in New Zealand major cities then you need to search for Go Rentals. Furthermore, you can find new and modern cars to rent.

This means that you do not need to worry having your car breakdown on the road. But even if it did happen then they also have roadside assistance which already included as service for every rental.

  • SIXT

You must know about SIXT as this best car rentals in New Zealand also operates in various countries. Furthermore, they also offer different types of cars from compact cars, EVs, SUVs, and even supercars.

They even provide cars from various brand from America, Japanese and European brands. If you want to conveniently open the car using electronic key then you can download the official application to get this feature.

  • Car For Rent

For those who care so much about the environment then Car For Rent will help to lower the carbon footprint that you leave. Especially since this company is specialized in renting electric or hybrid car with low emission.

Their pricing is also very reasonable and you can even get add-ons for your car such as phone holder and baby seats. Their team is very efficient and they also offer bilingual service since they can speak Russian, Chinese and English.

  • Europcar

As one of the biggest car rental that you can find in New Zealand they have 22 locations where you can pick up the car from. This is good so you can go to a location that is different than most people but can still find a car to rent.

They also provide newer car so you do not have to be worry and can safely enjoy your trip. The have wide selections of cars to choose, from big SUVs for family or compact cars for couples and solo traveler. The best thing is, they also provide shuttle that can take you from the airport to t heir depots so you can pick up your car easily.

  • Omega Rental Cars

Best Car Rentals in New Zealand Omega Rental Cars

For those that plan to drive your car into the other islands in New Zealand then you might want to use Omega Rental Cars. This best car rentals in New Zealand have a lot of locations where you can pick up or drop off the car from.

The best thing is they do not charge for one way car rent. This means you can pick up your car in one island then bring it around New Zealand then drop the car off in another location located in different island.

Furthermore, you can also change the car that you rent near the ferry location so you do not need to bring the car into the ferry. This means you can save some of the ferry cost and use it to get better car instead.

  • Apex Car Rentals

It is one of the largest car rental in the country which have a lot of locations spread all over the country. So you can pick up the car in one area and bring it around before dropping off the car in other location. They also will not charge you on one way trip so you should try to use this service when needed.

They provide modern and even larger size car so you can get the most comfort while driving around New Zealand. You can rent the car with credit card but if you do not want to use it you can also use your debit card.

As you can see there are a lot of best car rentals in New Zealand that you can visit. You can pick your car from wide range of selection. This is very great especially when you have specific car model that you looking for.