Best Car Rental Keflavik Airport, What Should You Know about It

It’s only logical when travelers coming to Iceland want to know the best car rental Keflavik airport that can help them explore the country. The best service means a guarantee that they only experience the most flawless service quality. Not to mention that they can get access to a trusted company. The options are basically limitless, from the local companies to the international ones. However, if this is your first time in Iceland, there are some things to know before you manage your booking.

Making Sure to Get the Best Car Rental Keflavik Airport and Its Access

Keflavik is one of the international airports in Iceland. It’s basically the main gate to the country although there is other 3 international airports available. No matter what, travelers from all around the world will first arrive at Keflavik when they visit Iceland.

If you are planning a trip on your own, you should be able to manage your car rental booking quite easily. Making a reservation is always advisable, but it’s also possible that you rent the car in the last-minute manner right at the counter. The procedures are relatively straightforward and easy, but let’s not forget about the traveling season and the fleet’s availability.

The Available Service

Finding the local as well as international car rental agencies is easy. Once you arrive at the airport, you will find counters here and there. When one agency can’t provide you with the service you want, you can easily ‘hop’ onto the next one. After all, they aren’t far from each other.

Some of the international names, such as Budget, Avis, or Hertz are available there, along with other local names. All of them are able to provide different vehicle options, together with the extra features and additional add-ons.

If you decide to make reservations first, you can always head to the official website and arrange your bookings. For instance, you are one of Hertz’s loyal members. Before your trip, you should have no problem managing your booking at Hertz official website. Contacting the company’s representative is also easy.

However, it’s also possible if you use a third-party service provider, like kayak or rentalcars. In fact, if you use the latter, you can immediately compare prices, services, features, and policies without having to go elsewhere. Feel free to manage the browsing and the research at your own convenience. Just saying that third-party providers like rentalcars or kayak can really provide a huge help in finding the best deal.

Local vs International Companies

If you ever wonder which company to choose for your rental requirements, it’s basically up to your personal preferences.  Some people are more comfortable with international names because they have existed in the business for years – even decades. However, it doesn’t mean that you should brush off the local services. They are often more flexible, and they are able to provide an extensive service beyond the guidelines. Not to mention that they have a certain kind of familiarity with the surrounding area.

Tips in Getting the Best Service

It’s your due diligence to perform thorough research into what kind of car rental service available at Keflavik. Find out what you can get from international companies and then compare them with the local services. Don’t trust anything you see on the website because the information may not be displayed thoroughly.

The best way for you to learn about their service and also their rates is through the company’s representative. Once you reach out, they can fill you in with detailed information. Ask them to reveal the true rates and the services without any hidden information. Only by doing so you can learn about the company’s best performance and quality service.

This is also the perfect time to learn about each company’s policies and regulations. What kind of policy do they have regarding an extra driver? What about age requirements? What kind of documents should you show at the counter? What is the general process for the booking, picking up, and drop off?

You can find information about the basic car rental rules and procedures from local communities or information websites. Such websites, like, can provide good (and trusted) information. At least you won’t have to be clueless about renting a car abroad. Many travelers have used the website as a source of information


In the end, make sure that you equip yourself with the proper knowledge. The procedure to rent a car may be almost similar in the global scope, but each area has its own requirements and rules. Be sure to understand them so you can get the best car rental Keflavik airport without too much difficulty.