Avis Car Rental Salem Oregon: What to Expect from Them?

Knowing your list of Avis car rental Salem Oregon can be helpful when you are planning to visit Salem for their beautiful and natural gardens. Salem is the capital city of Oregon that is well-known for its many natural gardens, whether they are private or public.

Travelers coming to Salem often want to know their options to rent a vehicle since it helps them move around easily and freely. Among the other popular names in the car rental industry, Avis has stood out with its good service and good-quality of fleet.

Not to mention that they are able to offer pleasant experience and affordable rates. So, what should you know about Avis operating in Salem, Oregon?

Why Rent from Avis?

Why should you consider Avis car rental Salem Oregon as your go-to option when you are in Salem, and not to other brands? Well, first of all, Avis is a name that is associated with outstanding and solid service. One of the reasons why they are able to survive in this industry is because of their great service and quality ride. They also have a huge collection of fleet, which enables them to provide inexpensive car rental service.

Avis has been included as one of the cheap car rentals in Salem Oregon that doesn’t compromise quality or performance. Not only you can expect limitless options for models and types, but you can also expect smooth experience in everything. When you make a reservation, when you pick the vehicle up, or when you drop it off, everything can be done in a very efficient way.

The average time for waiting (at the counter) is around 17 minutes, which means that you can expect your rental experience to be done quickly.

What to Expect from Avis Car Rental in Salem?

Avis car rental Salem Oregon may be viewed as one of the good service although it’s not completely a flying color with the company. With an overall rating of 7.0 (out of 10), it’s not so bad, but it’s not completely flawless or perfect either.

Based on the customer reviews (5,270 of them), Avis has 6.6 for the overall value (for the money). The same rating also applies for the car’s cleanliness. In terms of service at the counter or the rental desk, it’s 7.5. For the pick up process, it is 6.5 and for the drop off, it’s 7.7. keep in mind that this rating is given out of 10, so again, it’s not bad although Avis can do much more to improve their overall quality service.

The cars are mainly clean and well-cared for, but some clients got the ones that smelled cigarettes. But when they complained, the company didn’t mind to exchange the car without extra charge. For most clients, the entire experience is quite nice and pleasant.

The Fleet Options

When you rent the car at Salem Municipal Airport in Oregon, you can get quite inexpensive rate. It’s possible to get $26 for a day or around $137 for a week. You can even manage what you want to have for fuel or equipment policy. Simply do it at the company’s official website by applying filters, helping you to get the best deal.

If you take a closer look at Avis car rental Salem Oregon offer in Salem, you can see different models and packages. For instance a Compact or Economy ride with 2/4 door system (like Kia Rio or Kia Soul) is charged $37 a day.

If you prefer the Midsize car with 2/4 door type (like Toyota Corolla), you will be charged $38 a day. If you choose the Full Size or Standard 2/4 door (such as VW Jetta or Toyota Camry), you will spend $41 per day. A Midsize SUV (like Toyota RAV4) will cost you $61 a day.

The Fees Considerations

The rental cost may not be excessive or hefty, but let’s not forget about the extra fees, such as one way fee, additional driver fee, or such thing alike. An extra driver will cost you $15 a day, while the one way fee depends on the location of the drop off.

There is also a later return fee that may vary from $50 to around $125 or refuelling fee that can cost you extra spending. There are ways and tips to prevent those extra fees. But in general, you need to follow the regulations. Adhere to the given rules and you won’t have to face these extra fees.

Where to Find Avis?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for Avis car rental Salem Oregon, you can only find one at Salem Municipal SLE Airport. Avis is only located at the airport because it’s viewed to be the most strategic spot that accommodates all travelers. You should have no issue finding one, especially if you are traveling by plane. After you depart from your plane, head to the counter and manage your pickup.

Avis car rental Salem Oregon

You can always manage your rent without making any reservation first, but it’s not a guarantee that you will get the vehicle that you want. It’s always advisable that you book first if you want to get the car that you want. Plus, you can get it in the best bargain. Keep in mind that only one office available also means that the availability of the fleet may be limited due to high peak season, so it’s always wise to book first.

Final Words

These are some of the things that you need to consider before making a car reservation while traveling in Salem. Keep in mind that Avis only has one branch office in Salem, located at the airport. That’s why it’s important that you always reserve first before heading to the city.

Being the sole Avis office in Salem means that demands may be high during peak season, and you don’t want to spend exorbitant amount of money to rent a car.

Avis is a good company in an overall sense. Many of their clients and customers are pretty happy when using Avis car rental Salem Oregon service, so have fun.